Not a Slow Month After All – Kpop of the Month

So I totally thought February would be a slow month for kpop. I mean I don’t stan that many groups anymore (they keep breaking up or going on “hiatus” *sobs) so sometimes I have breaks. Which isn’t totally a bad thing either, I like the down time.

So I thought February would be that month but lies it was not! It started slow but really picked up during the middle and towards the end. I think I even had more songs to pick from compared to last month. Who would have known.

So first is

Shinee – Don’t Call Me

Shinee’s is back *starts singing Sherlock* Shinee’s back!  Shinee’s back, back, back, back, back! Tell me I’m not the only one who sings this every time I hear the sentence Shinee’s back?

But they are back. I had no idea they’d come back so soon. Minho has only just been released from the army after all. I guess they didn’t want to waste any time and I have to say, it’s good to see them again.

I really like the concept of this song as, as you know, I love sassy break up songs. You know those songs with a little attitude, they’re so fun to listen to. “Don’t call me!” Ooh, I know people will use this when the moment arises, I mean I would.

I used to collect songs for every situation, because you never know when it will come in handy *collects Don’t Call Me like it’s an infinity stone*.

But really the lyrics are gold, their girl can’t let them go and Onew is like, “Because I was too good of a boyfriend. You’ve never had that before. But let me go!” They want freedom, give it to them!

In terms of the singing and all that, it’s very Shinee. Listening to their sound again took me back. It’s very Shinee but upgraded to suit the times. They know how to remain authentic whilst delivering something new which isn’t easy.

And the dance, wow, it is a dancers dream. It is a difficult dance and has a lot of intricate moves. My favourite part is where the piano comes in heavy and they dance facing each other. In fact, I love that part in general, it was such a nice touch! Kudos to the producer.

The head pieces can be burnt though. Never bring those feathers out again, please and thank you.

Wonho – Lose

Wonho is back! And he didn’t skip leg day!

Actually he didn’t skip any day. Honestly people with zero per cent body fat and sculpted muscle have my respect because maintaining that is hard! Not only do you have to exercise daily but you have to give up dessert too. Dessert?! I will gladly lift weights but don’t come between me and my first love, food.

I got side tracked…I’m back! And I’m turning into a Wonho stan. His style of music is right up my alley. It’s not just that it’s sexy, I really like his vocal tone. He gives me strong R n B vibes and I’ve been missing that.

I might add it to my sexy club songs playlist.

I love the way the beat drops in the chorus and then stays there driving the song along. Ugh! Stop looking into my soul!

Honestly I just love the song.

As for the music video I really like the concept. The bit where it looks like he’s turning into a cyborg reminded me of Smallville and Doomsday. The way the guy turned into Doomsday is similar to him turning into a cyborg… why is he turning into a cyborg? Is his urge to win that strong? Speaking off…

The lyrics, they talk about a break up. One line really spoke to me though, it’s at the beginning. He gave everything to someone who he thought would be his last relationship, as in his forever person. Have you ever had that? I have and it sucks! To break up when you thought it’d be forever sucks!

So basically he don’t want to lose this break up. He ain’t going to crawl back because he will lose if he does and if she does come back then she’s the one who will lose. This is also relatable, not to me though. I cut you off when it’s over. But I have heard others talk about wanting to win the break up.

Ok time for some:

Honourable mentions!

Imlay ft Chenle Too Good  yes our baby CEO! Our President! I didn’t know he was going to do a song, to feature, so it was a nice surprise, get it Chenle! I love his voice. It’s a nice chill song to vibe to. As I don’t hear Imlay in the song I’m assuming they’re like David Geta or Clean Bandit, they produce the beat… they’re DJs.

Chungha finally came out with her title track Bicycle and I liked it. I did a video on that song and her whole album, Querencia, and it’s up on my channel. Check it out if you wish.

Got7 – Encore! It was so sweet and filled with feels. It was so nice that they did that. They didn’t just speak words but they also used their actions to show they’re fans that Got7 really isn’t over and that they will be back. Since they’ve left JYP they’ve really been making moves. It’s giving me Minji and CL vibes when they left YG, they’ve been ready! They have songs on deck ready to go! When they’re ready I’m looking forward to hearing them. But for now they’re going to be doing solo projects.

Ok next is:

Sunmi – Tail

I am obsessed with this song! This may be my favourite comeback of the month… nay perhaps the year! We’ll see.

It is so sexy in a way that I love. I mean, have you seen the dance? I don’t know how many times I’ve watched the Studio Choom dance video but it’s been a lot. She’s a masterpiece ok!

In my opinion, this is Sunmi’s sexiest comeback.

I said what I said.

As for the music video, again it’s sexy, but also a little dark. In fact when listening to the song it gives me that same vibe.

I love the Catwoman concept. I saw my girl falling out of a building and was like… Catwoman? Then cats started licking her and I was like, ah yes! Catwoman is one of my favourite Batman anti-heroes. She’s so fun. I am in love with every actress who has played her and yes that includes Halle Berry (*glares at haters*) so this concept was fun for me to watch.

She’s poised, vicious and sexy, just like Catwoman but there’s also an edge to her. It’s like the dude, who threw her out the window, is driving her crazy. Even just looking at the lyrics of the chorus, they do everything with crazy passion and y’all passion isn’t always a good thing. Sometimes people mistake drama for passion.

At the same though, she seems to be encouraging him to be bold and to step up. So the lyrics gave me a push and pull feeling which is probably why I’m so confused as I tend to avoid the push and pull.

As there are a lot of cat metaphors it’s not a far stretch to say she’s acting like a cat in the lyrics; interested one moment and the next irritated.

The way she sings the song too. Her voice is just *chef’s kiss*

Cheetah ft. Jamie – Villain

Last but not least is Cheetah and Jamie! I was actually really looking forward to this. I really like Cheetah.

I wouldn’t say I’m a fan just because I haven’t heard every single comeback she’s ever had and I feel to be a true fan you have to know the artist’s whole discography or at least eighty per cent.

However, I still love her. She’s a great rapper, one of favourites in Korea, and she has great style. I love the way she carries herself.

That style and charisma comes through in the music video for Villain. It felt like a Bond movie but artsy. I like how we also never see the violence on screen. It’s heavily implied. I like the way they did that.

I especially like the way in one scene the women cover what Cheetah is about to do as if to protect her from witnesses or because they’re eager to see it go down, to see justice.

It is implied that she is killing the man because he was violent towards the woman. I think they’re trying to portray domestic violence but men are violent towards women in many ways they could also be referring to those other forms of violence. Either way, justice needs to be served.

The lyrics, from what I’ve read, kind of follow that in the first verse. It’s like she’ll do anything for the subject of the song. She’s there for them to help them.

Then the chorus repeats that whole, “If you want it you can have it” line. Encouraging the subject to go for it. She’s a villain for the subject because she cares for them.

And Jamie’s voice in this song…!!! It’s so smooth and just honey. I love this collab honestly. They contrast against each other and it works.


So that’s it for this month. I’ve talked about my favourites, what were yours?

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