Dreamcatcher – B Side that Bangs!

I’ve been getting into Dreamcatcher and I decided it was about time I listened to their albums. I wanted to see which album would be my favourite and if I would still like them. Because, I have gotten into groups only to realise I don’t like their b sides.

Luckily this is not the case with Dreamcatcher! Yay!! So I’ll be sharing my favourite b side tracks minus the ballads which I shall talk about next week.


First let’s start with…


This song is from their Escape the Era EP.

This song starts strong and keeps my attention throughout. It has some beautiful singing and is very much their anime style song.

It’s charming point is that it is both hard and soft. The verses can be lilting whereas the chorus comes in with that head banging music. And the best thing is both these sides are not in opposition, they work well together.

The lyrics however are dark as hell! I mean the song is called Scar but listening to the song I did not think the lyrics would be so dark and depressing. They really went through it, the one who is speaking in the song. The scar from their bad experience have left a deep impression that is hard to get rid of.

The lyrics are written by Dami so I wonder where she got her inspiration from and how she explains the song.


Now for some songs from my favourite mini album, yes I picked a favourite, Alone in the City.


This song is sexy. I wonder if it’s because of the video they made for the song or if I just genuinely find it sexy.

They also did a stage for this song on KBS and it was *chef’s kiss*. It’s simple and they don’t dance much and that works for the song. It is sexy in an understated way.

The song has the vibes that I like to hear in a song. So it was a love on first listen for me.

As for the lyrics, they show that the song is based on Alice in the Wonderland and so that’s why it is titled Wonderland. They have been taken to Alice’s Wonderland and they don’t want to leave. They love it and they want the person who has taken them to this place to not let go of their hand.

That’s a literal interpretation of the lyrics however you can also look at the lyrics as a metaphor. They’ve fallen in love and it’s like falling in Wonderland.


I really like listening to this song, it pleases my ears. It’s one of their rock songs but it doesn’t go hard; it’s more sentimental. So with songs like this I like to listen to them with my headphones on as I lie in bed and just let the music wash over me.

I also love the singing.

The lyrics talk about being trapped.

What was that? That’s obvious, you say? But songs don’t always follow the title, trust me. This one does though.

It also talks about how someone left them and abandoned them, is indifferent towards them and it hurts like, why? Why are you leaving me in this fog?

July 7th

I was so surprised listening to this song. It started and then I was like, hold on! Is this reggae?

They can literally do any genre! Don’t @ me!

Ah when the bass guitar hit I was so happy. Umm! It really had me bobbing my head and got my shoulders grooving.

So for that alone, I love this song. They really mixed their style with reggae well.

The lyrics are full of metaphors and talks of the stars. They’ve been separated from the one they love and so they miss them and they want to get back to them.

This song also has a music video on their agency’s YouTube channel: Happyface Entertainment. The same goes for Wonderland.


Now for the Club Section!

Can’t Get You Out of My Mind & Sleep Walking

The intro to Can’t Get You Out of My Mind they use a lot as a background to their YouTube videos. However the song doesn’t stay in that vibe, it eventually picks up and has a club beat. It’s also in English.

The lyrics go with the title of the song, they can’t get them out their mind. The feelings (romantic) just keep getting stronger.

Can’t Get You Out of My Mind comes from the Dystopia: Lose Myself mini album.

As for Sleep Walking, I actually heard this song before listening to their albums as I remember I checked out their channel back when I was first getting into them. This is another song that has a video on their company’s channel and instead of singing it’s more of a dance video. So if you want to see the dance you can check out that video.

This song is definitely my kind of club beat song. You know what that means right? I’m adding it to my playlist! I keep talking about this playlist; I need to actually make it one day.

So far I have their song Poison Love, KNK’s Sunset, Chungha’s Stay Tonight and Bother Me , NCT 127’s Replay (PM 01:27) and Wonho’s Lose.

The lyrics are talking about how they don’t want their person to leave. They’ve just spent time together and yet as soon as the person leaves they feel empty. A stand out line for me is: “Without you, it’s just me and I, I can’t see it”.

Sleep Walking is from their Prequel mini album.


Back to the list and next is:


I can’t say I get the lyrics. There are definitely a lot of diamond metaphors sprinkled in and it is about them being unbreakable but most parts had me lost.

However the beat though. It goes off. It is popping not just in the chorus but in the verses too. Ooh it’s a good beat. I would say the verses are more afrobeat/hip hop style whereas the chorus is more rock and electric guitar heavy.

You wouldn’t think it works but it works very well.

This song is from their The End of Nightmare mini album. The same album as the song Piri which is a title track I love!


Before the last song here’s a honourable mention!

Silent Night

From the mini album Raid of Dream which contains another favourite title track of mine Déjà vu is Silent Night.

This song would make a good title track honestly. It’s different and I can see it working with a good choreography.

It starts solid and it has a good vibe, a powerful vibe. Then it goes soft. In the chorus instead of being heavy it goes the opposite direction and it’s nice. It has a slightly club style beat, an electronic beat and it doesn’t overpower the song.

Oh it even has a breakdown section at the end which would have made for a great dance break.

As for the lyrics they really fit the Déjà vu music video, it’s like they carry on the story. A story of betrayal, a fight and karma coming back to bite you. Stand out lyrics for me are: “A blade directed at someone, Eventually returns”.


Ok now for the last but certainly not my least favourite song:


This song comes from the Dystopia: Tree of Language full album. It is such a good album and I honestly think it is my second favourite album, definitely check it out.

I thought it fitting to end on a song that is very Dreamcatcher. It has that Japanese rock sound that reminds a lot of us of anime openings. It’s mixed with that style but also with Dreamcatchers take on that style.

The song is just as hopeful as the lyrics are. It lifts my mood as I listen to it.

Speaking of the lyrics, they could be the sister to Break the Wall, the older sister seeing as Tension was released first (Break the Wall is in Dystopia: Lose Myself mini album). They’re encouraging you to break free and to not give up striving for whatever it is you’re striving for, whether it is to live or to create.

Stand out lyrics for me are:

Right now, it’s only hardships, But you will rise again, you can do it

Everything can’t be perfect all the time, it’s okay, You’re doing great right now

Now don’t hesitate oh, Don’t stay trapped oh, You need to break out, break the wall

By the way I got all the lyric translations from colorcodedlyrics.com.


So that is it for my list of favourite b side songs. I haven’t included Break the Wall and Sahara, Red Sun and Black or White as I feel like I’ve already talked about them before. I either talked about them on here or in my video where I talked about the latest album.

What is your favourite Dreamcatcher b side track?

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