How Tokyo Revengers Broke Me | The Manga



So I read the manga immediately after finishing the season because what was that ending!!!

They just ended it like on such a massive cliff-hanger. Nah, that’s not on so I had to read the manga even though that’s exactly what I did not want to do given that I know what happens in the final arc.

Or rather I know about one event in the final arc and I am pissed! PISSED!!!

Real talk Wakui, how much does Mikey have to suffer? How much do you want to destroy his world, his mental health?

It’s not enough that his brother dies by his friend’s hand, nah, his childhood friend also dies in front of him. Then his sister dies on him. Then his long lost brother dies in front of him. And now this!

How dare you!

I said in my last post about the anime that the manga supports my theory that Baji is the heart of the group. So in continuation to that I think that because of the following arc, the Black Dragons arc.

Mikey and Draken are not present in that arc as they opt not to get involved because of Mitsuya’s decision. Which is fair. They made good points.

So it’s Takemichi, Chifuyu and Hakkai focused, and of course Kisaki… the bastard.

Side note: at one point I was like, just jump him. Just jump Kisaki. Take him out! Because bruv! Naoto said it at one point when he realised it was all Kisaki but then he plays it off as a joke and I’m like, “No, Naoto, that’s literally the only way to stop him.” Which is sad. He’s a kid. How is he so messed up?

So in that arc when Mikey shows up to help them with the 11th generation Black Dragons he was not ok. He looked like he was in the pits of depression. The words he was speaking gave me such Kazutora flashbacks I was like, “Mayday, mayday! He’s about to blow! He’s about to sink into the abyss!”

Did anyone listen to me? No.

In fact, even before the Christmas incident you can see he’s cracking when he’s like to Mitsuya, “Please don’t die.” I’m paraphrasing. He’s lost Baji and he’s like only half the OG crew is left and he thinks Mitsuya is about to be next.

The bit where he shows up at the church and is talking about Shinichiro and Baji talking to him… that’s when I was screaming mayday but also I felt like he’s about to blow. Imagine, he sees another childhood friend on the brink of death and sees this dude trying to kill him. He must have seen red.

Like how dare you try to take another person from me?!

Then it just gets worse from there. He doesn’t get to recover after Baji’s death. I kept waiting to see if he gets to grieve and recover but he doesn’t. The Tenjiku arc starts straight after and this time he loses his sister, even worse she dies on his back!!

HOW… hold on let me calm down.

How did anyone think he was ok?!

When Takemichi jumps to the future after this arc and everyone is fine and dandy except Mikey and Takemichi is shocked… you’re shocked? You’re surprised?

You think a human can go through that and be fine?

Sure you could say he’s young but nah, man is twenty six. The rest of them were young but Takemichi was the only adult.

But then again Takemichi lived a lonely life (what’s the deal with his parents?) so perhaps that’s why he doesn’t pick up on people’s emotions.

But then again, there are people who’ve lived lonely lives and can pick up on people in pain because of it, like Tohru for example. Is that what Mikey needs? Does he need Tohru… wow, he needs Tohru.

And Tohru has saved multiple gangsters *gasp*. OMD!!

But alas Tohru is not in this universe. So Mikey needs Takemichi. I am glad that he finally asks for help and that’s when Takemichi time travels.

I refuse to read the last arc however. How is Mikey teaming up with people who have caused his friends pain? That’s stupid. But also I’m mad that Draken is a casualty in all of this.

He actually had a “happy” future. He wasn’t dead and he wasn’t on death row. I just refuse to read the part where he dies. I can’t.

I was so sad after reading Baji’s part and I didn’t get as much time with Baji as I did with Draken… I refuse, with my whole chest.

Ah, I know!! If Baji is the heart then Draken is the conscience. And now both are gone.

I am so pissed.

I don’t even know how this manga is going to end at this point. The only way I’ll read the final arc is if Wakui reverses Draken’s death and whilst he’s at it Baji’s and Emma’s too. Otherwise, I’m not interested in reading the rest.

I’m done with depressing shonen. My life is depressing enough as it is and I’m reading Jujutsu Kaisen and Tokyo Revengers?! What is wrong with me? Do I like pain?

So, I’ve decided to look after Gift (me) and not read stories like this anymore. I did save The Way of the Househusband to watch after Tokyo Revengers just in case I got depressed and I’m glad I did.

I also have Saiki and I love Saiki, I nice anime that refuses to take itself too seriously. Also, I’ve heard about this anime where the protagonist is a child’s television presenter who has an existential crisis every episode… it looks fun. No honestly! It’s a comedy apparently.

So yeah, if I start talking about those kinds of shows from now on, that’s why.

I’m not giving up One Piece though. Even though the series has sad moments that can really make me cry (Corazon!) it’s still uplifting? I don’t know how Oda does it. He never leaves me in the pits of despair so that’s why I carry on with the series. Same with Bleach and Naruto.

Also I love shonen like Dragon Ball Z. It’s just pure fighting. It’s not really depressing. Also, death isn’t scary in that universe. Even if you stay dead the afterlife doesn’t seem bad.

Oh… I am reading My Hero Academia. I’m considering leaving it till it’s finished so I know how it ends. It’s starting to make me anxious so that may be my cue to leave it till it ends.

Some positives from Tokyo Revengers:

  • Everyone is worth saving. Even though he’d saved ninety percent of the group Mikey was important enough to go back for.
  • I love Hakkai, his whole arc was a journey. Mitsuya is a gem and he’s caring and the most stable in the group. It’s probably why his division is the most stable. Also, Hakkai and Mitsuya anyone… totally together.
  • Inui and Koko, I’m sad Wakui split them up. I really hate the twist of he’s been in love with Inupi’s sister this whole time. That sucks for Seishu. Another reason I don’t want to read the final arc.
  • Takemichi can’t recognise faces, can he? People will barely change their appearance and he’ll be like, who are you? Weird. Wait… are there people who really don’t recognise faces?
  • Mikey has excellent form. I’m glad that his abilities come from martial art training, both him and Baji. I mean Baji took on fifty dudes with a stab wound! What! I’m not going to lie, the martial artist in me was impressed. I would like to know Mikey’s leg routine… especially when he lifted a guy with one leg alone (wow).
  • Draken also works out and if I was Takemichi I’d ask to work out with him. I like that all the strong people are strong for legitimate reasons.
  • I love Nahoya and Souya, the evil twins. I love the twist that Nahoya was looking after Souya all along, keeping him from being too violent. When Souya turns out to actually suit the name angry I was surprised but it made sense. I have friends like that, when their tears are the last warning before hell breaks loose. My sweet babies.
  • Draken has the best guardians, him and Hina and Naoto. The other parents/guardians are either neglectful or abusive.
  • This is a hot take and not exactly positive but I am mad Shinichiro started the Black Dragons. I don’t like how they glorify gang life. I understand that it’s all they have but in real life gang life is not cool. Not matter if you start it with good intentions like the Shinichiro one day someone will always corrupt it.
  • Maybe that’s the whole point Wakui is trying to make. No matter the intentions gang life leads down a dark path eventually.
  • The fact that Takemichi is like Shinichiro is interesting. Is that why Mikey took him in in the first place, because he saw that? Perhaps that’s why Takemichi is the only one who can save him.

I am sad though that in the process to save Mikey everyone has to die. I mean think about it. The only ones who are safe now are Hinata and Naoto because they’re no longer intertwined due to Kisaki being taken out (by a truck). So the others are fair game as we’ve seen with Draken. So how many people are going to die before Mikey is saved?

I don’t blame Mikey because Takemichi is not a therapist so there’s only so much he can do. However, I just wish it didn’t have to happen this way.

I can’t believe Kisaki did all that just because Hina rejected him… men.

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