Can Celebrities Truly be Normal?

This is a question I’ve had lately.

When I was younger I used to think of celebrities as their profession. So if you were an actor I thought of you via your most famous role. So like Janine from EastEnders was always Janine and Legolas was always Legolas. But then I watched a behind the scenes video of both actors and I was like, wait, they are not their role?! There is more to them? They are ordinary people?!

Looking back this is probably where I fell in love with acting. It was amazing to me how their personality could be so different to their character.

So because I learned that lesson early I always made sure to separate actors from their roles, so Legolas wasn’t always Legolas but rather Orlando Bloom was doing an amazing job at portraying the character and making us all fall in love.

Thus, as I got older that extended to other kinds of celebrities, i.e.: singers, dancers, athletes and authors.

However, lately I’ve been thinking. Is it possible to remain down to earth when you are constantly showered with adoration? Is it possible to feel normal when you can’t do normal human things without having to hide your identity so you won’t get stopped? Are celebrities truly like us?

They go through things we will never understand. They experience love and hatred in a way we never will. I cannot imagine it. Or rather I can’t imagine what it would be like to be so loved.

I can imagine what it’s like to be hated. I’ve been bullied enough to know the feeling so I imagine I’d just multiple that by a thousand. I may never experience it but for some reason my brain can wrap my head around those feelings easier.

However, being loved, being adored, being obsessed over. I can’t imagine that. As is obvious from this blog I am into Kpop and sometimes I just think, there’s no way the adoration hasn’t gone to at least one person’s head. How do they stay humble?

How do they remain down to earth?

There are Kpop stars with low self esteem and I find that fascinating. How can it be low when everyday people tell you you’re beautiful? What are you seeing? Why is the mirror lying to you?

Or there are Kpop stars that are known for how nice and humble they are. They’re the true MVPs because I imagine it’s very easy to get a big head.

I’ve watched videos of ex-Kpop stars who always say, never date a Kpop star. In one video she mentioned how they can tend to be full of themselves. And at first her words shocked me but then I was like, “No, it makes sense. It’s only logical.” It’s the Takemichi effect. You make it and yeah you will feel full of yourself. You have people tell you, you’re the shit and you will believe it.

The people who end up the opposite of that are the ones where I’m like, “Wow, what inner strength of character.” That or they have good people around them, ready to slap them into reality.

Because we all have occupational hazards right?

And dating, how do celebrities date ordinary people?

These days people talk about power balance in relationships and why it’s a bad idea for a celebrity to date/marry a fan. So I’m curious about those who have. How does that work? Does the fan get over the blind adoration once they get to know the person?

It’s so fascinating to me.

Maybe I should be a sociologist and just study the phenomena of celebrity and how it changes people. Because think of Michael Jackson or Beyoncé, they’re beyond famous. What is it like for Beyoncé? What is her inner landscape like?

I kind of wish we could do that thing in Demon Slayer where we enter people’s inner soul to see their essence. Then perhaps I would have my answer.

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