Up in the Air

It’s so jarring ascending

It’s so jarring descending

You grip your seat

You grit your teeth

Your stomach flies out your mouth!

But once we’re suspended in the air

Land a far away thought

Surrounded by nothing but fat fluffy clouds

The sensation of freedom fills my heart

In that moment I don’t hate leaving the earth

In that moment I understand Icarus

Why would you ever want to go back down

When you’ve tasted the clouds


5 thoughts on “Up in the Air

      1. Ooh thanks, I’ll deffo check the song out. And yeah, we used to be one country then we split up. I’ve been told if you know one language you can understand the other but they are different languages. It’s so interesting!

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      2. Sure thing. I believe I heard about that about Rwanda and Burundi being one country centuries ago. It is very fascinating seeing some linkages with other languages whether it’s loanwords or etymological roots. For example, water in Lingala is “mayi” while in Swahili it’s “maji”. Or another example could be flag being “bandera” in Spanish or “bandeira” in Portuguese.

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