My Main Man Obi Wan


I know this is super late. My head feels like it is filled with flies like I haven’t done any of the things that I enjoy lately and talking about my favourite shows on here is one of them.

To be honest, I’ve barely even been watching my favourite shows. The only reason I watched Obi Wan was because I was so excited and I binge watched it when all the episodes were out with my friends. They’re my greatest motivators and I am really glad I watched it with them because… OMD some parts are just meant to be watched in a group.

First things first, Obi Wan was living my life at the beginning of the series. That was peak 9-5 living. I felt him on a spiritual level, like sometimes yes you do want to disappear into a mundane job.

People knock 9-5 because of its soul sucking, corporate nature however counter point, sometimes it is just what you need.

Think about it, he went through something traumatic. He not only lost Padme but he also lost Anakin, the guy who has been by his side since his master died. Like, they were brothers in arms, they went through war together!

He loved him and yes we criticise Obi Wan’s teaching style but he genuinely did love Anakin so seeing his friend and brother give in totally to evil and to turn around and support Palpatine as he kills his ONLY FAMILY!!

Man was traumatised, he had PTSD for sure. I’m not a psychologist though so don’t take my words as fact but dude, he was not in a good place.

So I totally understand him taking a step (several steps) back and giving up on being a jedi. He lost faith in himself and faith in the world.

In moments like that when you don’t know what to do with your life, when you need a job where you don’t need to think too hard or where the stakes are low, a 9-5 is just what you need. It gives you the security of a pay check, minimal human interaction and the space to not drown in your thoughts and contemplate how crappy life can be or have existential crises.

Yes, I’m fine.

So, I totally was feeling Obi Wan, Ben, in that first episode. In the whole show even.

Another part of the show that I loved, Leia. That actress, Vivien Lyra Blair, she knocked it out of the park! Yes girl! If only Carrie Fisher was alive to see but anyway it is what it is. Vivien had big shoes to fill and she did and made the role her own.

She is also the smallest ten year old, so tiny and cute!

I did find it odd how the snatchers couldn’t even catch her in Epi 1… like, ain’t y’all evil. Run faster!

Anyway, I also loved her family dynamic, the whole show showed how these people, the Organas and Owen and Beru, they are the parents who stepped. They’re not the birth parents of these children but they look after them like they are and I just love to see it. It warmed my heart.

Leia should have been the main Skywalker family jedi. I find it rude that they only considered Luke. You have sis reading you like a book and you still place your bets on Luke Obi Wan?!?! She had too much power, he thought she would be a second Ani, that’s the only explanation because how?!

She saved herself from the vacuum of space! I don’t rate movies 7 to 9 but I’m sorry that part was the only good thing to come out of those movies. It was so badass.

Leia did have her stupid moments but she’s a child. The biggest being in Episode 2, that was the only time she didn’t use her force powers but we can chalk that up to fear.

She brings it back in the episode where she’s interrogated by Reva though. Imagine being bested by a child… I’d quit. I’d quit on the spot.

Side note: In Episode 2 we also see a clone trooper clone… what happened to all the clone troopers when they had no need of them? Don’t they age faster?

Second side note: how people don’t know Obi Wan is a jedi is beyond me, man dresses the same, the exact same! He didn’t even try to blend in. Although he does look drapey and unkempt in the first few episodes to reflect his mental state. Also, why did they keep calling my man old? He doesn’t even look old. Ewan McGregor looks too good. (personal bias).

Back to Leia, it’s great we get to see her becoming a boss but why is she getting ready to be a senator when she’s ten? Let her play please. Also, what can a senator do realistically in a dictatorship? That’s the part that confused me the most.

I love how Leia’s and Obi Wan’s relationship builds throughout the series until she trusts him completely and helps him find the light again. It made me so emotional whenever her little hand would reach to touch his and bring him back to the present… just *sob*.

Another character I loved but also had beef with was Tala. I am surprised she lived so long. You could smell the nervousness on her. Sis looked scared. How have you been a spy for so long. And then she left Leia alone! You had one job!

Although, perhaps that worked out better because she would have crumbled before Reva.

Also, she does make the ultimate sacrifice. Slight left turn but why am I an advocate for Droids? I stay being on the humans’ side in The Matrix and Terminator but the Droids in Star Wars? They can do no wrong, they deserve respect and decency. When Leia dressed down her cousin… I laughed. But why did she have to apologise?

Back to Tala, she won me round in the end… although the droid got to me slightly more. That’s bad right?

Side note: the dark side has terrible fashion and everyone is always so moody. Was that not a red flag for you Anakin? What’s the joy in being in the dark side? Do they even party? Like, what’s the point?

Anakin… Hayden came back!!! AAAAAH Hayden! I don’t care what none of y’all say I loved the prequels! Yeah, I said it! He’s right, sand is irritating! How do I go to the beach once and still find sand in my shoes a year later?!

However, Anakin’s descent to evil… I get why he turned but the way he killed all the jedi and sided with the dark side. I don’t understand how he believes the jedi are evil. I mean that saying, “The jedi hunt themselves” it’s because they can’t help but do good, how are they evil? How do people believe this rubbish when jedi literally can’t help but do good?!

It really shows you how clouded Anakin’s mind was. He was so blinded by love and lose. Also, I was watching a video that highlighted he was a slave and they didn’t liberate his mother from slavery they just left her there. How did they think that was a good idea?

The jedi got too political.

If Qui Gon had survived then Anakin would not have turned so really Palpatine should thank Darth Maul because he is the one who turned the tide for the dark side.

Side note: why is Qui Gon the only one who dies from a fatal wound in the series whereas Darth Maul, Reva and the Grand Inquisitor act like they just got a mild scratch? That’s one plot hole that really pisses me off.

So we see Anakin in his peak evil era. I personally think he probably knows he fucked up by this point but he has nothing else to live for, no Padme and no children and he can never go back to the jedi so he may as well commit. Also, his plan for world peace (by force) seems to be working.

Also how do you turn evil for someone else. Like, he’s basically a glorified body guard. Why are you taking orders from Palpatine? That seems right to you?

Anyway, his story is so tragic. He was such a great jedi and a passionate yet flawed human.

Side note: are they human? If they’re in a galaxy far, far away, why do they have to be human?

Reva, she was a fantastic villain! I heard people (racists) say they didn’t like her because she was unlikable or too much and I sat there like… “Isn’t she the villain?! You’re mad at her for doing her job as the villain!!” Weird, racists have no sense.

Anyway, she killed that role and her hair always looked amazing. Apart from the last episode but that reflected her unravelling mental state.

I caught on to her true origins early on, in Episode 3 I think. It was just so obvious to me. They wouldn’t have shown that little girl at the beginning if she wasn’t important and the way she reacted to the secret passage… dead giveaway.

What I did not get about her, as a person, was how she could be so stupid!

Her whole goal is to get revenge on Anakin for killing her friends and family, rightfully so, so she does that by becoming an inquisitor and hunting jedi? Are you dumb?!

To make it clear, I’m not coming for the actress but the character. I have beef with Reva specifically.

How is this honouring or avenging her friends? Nari was around her age which means he was probably a child when Order 66 happened and she killed him! She killed him!!!

I was mad when I figured it out. Obi Wan was mad too. You could see it in his eyes when he figured it out and then tricked her to take on Anakin.

That fight though, first of all when he stopped the ship with the force!!! I was gassed! That was so cool, we lost our minds!! That was a moment to be watched with others. Then his fight with Reva, he was playing with her! It was fun for him!

Whilst, I do not stan Darth Vader I love Anakin and his fighting style is so cool. Yeah, it’s Darth Vader’s fighting style too but lets face it, it’s not 100% where it would be if man had stayed good. I stand by the good side is more powerful, look at my man Yoda! Perfectly balanced (gave shit advise to Anakin though, yes, I said it!) and lived well into his old age without looking like whatever Palpatine looked like in the end. Honestly, I would point that out first. “You want to be on the dark side Ani, look at that face! He’s aged forty years in two days!” Another reason I shouldn’t be in movies. An agent for chaos, I am. I’m basically Tokito.

Sorry, back to Reva. When she asked Obi Wan if she had become like Anakin I was shouting, “Yes! Yes, you are exactly like him!”

For Nari and other jedi like him, I will stay mad. Like sis didn’t think to take on an admin role? To do a Tala? No, she chose straight up evil to avenge her friends whilst killing her comrades. It’s the fact that she was such an extreme inquisitor the others were like “Whoa calm down, we don’t want people to figure out we’re a dictatorship.”

Imagine, the bad guys think you’re going too far!


Then the last episode. It was pure class, pure art. Obi Wan finally finds the light and we finally get to see that the light side has moves too. That fight with Anakin was amazing!

Ewan McGregor played the role perfectly, going from being unsure and in his head to finally stepping into his badassary and throwing Darth Vader around like a doll.

I keep saying people should just yank out his breathing apparatus. It’s right there.

Then when Anakin says you didn’t kill Anakin, I did. *tears* Anakin really did die that day. To be honest, we lost him the moment he turned on Padme.

Let me not get sad. But honestly, it would have been more merciful if Obi Wan had just killed him that day. (But then Anakin would never have fulfilled the prophecy but Obi Wan didn’t believe in that so he should have just killed him).

But Obi Wan can never do that because he truly did love Anakin. I mean he lets go in this fight but notice how he still didn’t kill him. I never thought about how much Obi Wan cared for and loved Anakin but I can see it in this series which is what makes his downfall so sad to me.

I do love that we end with Obi Wan and Qui Gon reunited.

So does that mean man has been watching this whole time… he must have been screaming at a wall so many times. “It’s Palpatine! Why are you leaving a child with this senator! CPS! CPS!”

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