Eye Contact with the Sun

An orange orb in the sky

I could clearly see it

I wondered does one have to be at the bottom of the earth

To clearly see our star?


More animals than people, the air was always buzzing

It’s like I was never alone

A comforting white noise

It kept me company all day long


Lines of light cracked against the sky

Trying to find their way back to Earth

Or a neighbouring cloud

A flurry of activity that could be spotted from miles away


A secluded spot revealed

All the lights of the heavens

Finally I saw the road of the milky way

And wondered why I had never seen it before


Of course my enemy was ever present

Yet for once it respected my screams

Sensing my distress it left me be

A bravery filled inside of me


Always outside, always exploring

Spontaneous friends, more often made

I was alone, far from home, but lonely I was not

Laughter filled the air and my heart, I did not want to return


Suguru and I, we are alike

Yet down in down under

I finally smiled,

From the bottom of my heart


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