Take a Photo – Queencard | (G)I-DLE

I’ve been talking about men a lot lately and that ends today. I have to talk about a girl group and (G)I-DLE has been killing it.

I loved Tomboy and now they’ve come back with Queencard and I am smitten.

However, Queencard isn’t the only song they’re promoting, there is also Allergy. So, as I liked both songs and they are two parts of a whole picture I shall be talking about both.

First off,


It is part one to the story told in the music videos. I actually watched them the wrong way round. I watched Queencard first and Allergy. Don’t do that, it’s like watching a story backwards.

Allergy is a nice song with a pleasant melody. It’s not as hype as Queencard but it’s not a ballad or anything. It’s the perfect summer song to add to a driving playlist.

What I liked the most though was the lyrics like,

‘Please give myself the hate button, because I hate myself’

‘Please give me your like button, because I want to be loved too’

The song, to me, is about self esteem in this social media heavy society. Insta and the clock app catch fire from the very first part of the song, calling out the pitfalls of the apps.

The song talks about them comparing themselves to others and wondering why they’re not as pretty and don’t have designer clothing.

It’s about the pressure to keep up with trends and the beauty standards.

In the music video you see them envying others and trying to become like them or rather trying to fit in, especially Soyeon’s character.

Then the music video ends with her deciding to go under the knife and she’s wheeled into the hospital.


The music video continues on from Allergy and she’s about to have surgery. However, she couldn’t afford it in the Allergy mv, there’s a scene where they show her how much and she’s like nope! So, that gave me pause… how can she suddenly afford it?

Anyway, Minnie is the embodiment of the beauty standard, she is the it girl that everyone wants to be. Soyeon sees herself as Minnie not realising that she is the bad bitch serving face.

So, the Queencard mv is saying, she didn’t need to change herself physically but rather her mental attitude. Like yeah, there are other pretty girls out there but you’re hot too. The key ingredient to accessing your own hotness is confidence.

When she’s Minnie, she’s confident, she doesn’t doubt herself and she knows she’s sexy. That’s attractive.

Side bar: Shuhua’s and Yuqi’s characters though! They totally made out. They were my fav characters in the two part story, oooh and they had a White Chicks moment. Loved it.

There are certain lyrics that I love:

‘Queencard, I’m hot, my boob and booty is hot’ – Yes! Giving me Pussycat Dolls flashbacks (although they didn’t actually say I wanna have boobies… but they should have!)

‘Wearing whatever girl… thin or thick girl… full of confidence girl’ – preach!

Then the mv ends with Soyeon waking up before the surgery can be done and she walks out of that dodgy establishment. Because they were dodgy, where was the anaesthetist?

Also, I have further questions, if she wakes up before the surgery happened and the surgery happens right after the events of Allergy… when did the party scene happen? Did she go out the night before the surgery and forget?

Anyway, love the comeback, it’s super fun with a good message.

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