Was Qui Gon the Key?

I was watching Obi Wan and it got me thinking about Qui Gon. My good sir, my good man, the reason that Anakin even became a jedi. He vouched for him and had a clear plan for him and would have probably changed the jedi world. So of course he had to die.

It’s so tragic though because Anakin had so much potential! It angers me.

For one, why did they ever leave a child alone with a senator?! I don’t care if he’s basically their president Anakin was a child and a jedi. The senator had no business with him and quite frankly, “Anything you have to say to Anakin you can say in front of me. Yeah, I said it Palpatine! You’re giving creepy right now. Anakin pack up your things we’re going. Never talk to this creepy man again.”

I mean sure, Palpatine hid it pretty well that he was a Sith but he was still creepy.

Second, Anakin had the prophecy of bringing balance to the force and yet they treated him like an annoyance. It’s like they didn’t know what to do with him when Qui Gon was gone. Then they saw the emotional side of him and got scared.

Hot take but maybe it’s his emotions that were the key to bringing balance to the force. Yes, his emotions can be manipulated but emotions can serve to do good. Attachments can serve to do good.

If you care about someone and about a galaxy you’re more likely to want to save them. If they taught him how to healthily process his emotions and his grief and anger and worry, then Palpatine would never have stood a chance.

Also, do you ever think about how Anakin basically became Palpatine’s body guard. That seems right to you Anakin? That seems right to you? That don’t smell fishy?

What’s wrong with being in love?!

I’m getting side tracked. So, Qui Gon. If he had survived and taught Anakin in his way of the jedi because he was a bit of an outliner in the jedi order himself, would Anakin have turned into a healthy individual with good coping skills and brought about a golden age to the galaxy?

Yes, the answer is yes because why else would he die and stay dead. Man died from a single lightsabre shot to the chest but Darth Maul survives being cut in half?!?!?! Make it make sense!

Why did Maul come back? Because his existence doesn’t drastically change the plot like Qui Gon’s does.

Star Wars at the end of the day will always be a tragedy. I was so mad at the sequels 7, 8 and 9, one because they were a copy of the old movies and B because they plunged us back into conflict.

However, I thought about it. The series is called Star WARS… there’s always going to be war and no peace.

Having said the series still sucked because we could have had a new villain or a storyline that didn’t centre around the Skywalkers because we’ve done that already!


Anyway, Qui Gon would have fixed what was wrong with the Jedi or at least been the first domino and that’s why he stayed dead.

This may seem obvious, all of what I am saying, but when I was watching Obi Wan I just felt sad that Anakin became what he became. He was so cool and he wasn’t evil. He was just a kid that was saved from slavery.

That’s the craziest thing. He has such a messed up childhood. He came from slavery and his mother was still enslaved. He just wanted to free his mom, was that so hard for them to do? You’re telling me not one jedi could swing their lightsabre or lightly use the force to save her.

How is using your powers to save people bad?!

I wonder if Qui Gon would have saved her.


When you think about it, Anakin didn’t stand a chance. A tragedy indeed.

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