Silent Action

Sometimes constant explosions and trigger happy action gets boring. That’s right I said it!

I love action movies but sometimes I just hate how trigger happy the heroes can be. Yes the heroes, it’s like they’re shooting at nothing and yet people still die. How is that possible? Where is your aim? I know this is action movie logic but sometimes I feel myself connecting with Allan Quaterman from the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen on a spiritual level (if you don’t get what I mean, watch the movie… it’s awesome).

So most of the time I end up being impressed by the people who do less or who are silent. Like Gal Gadot in the Fast and Furious movies, she’s great, she takes her time, she aims and you know what she’s epic.

And also Storm Shadow and Snake Eyes in G.I. Joe Retaliation. Some people hate that movie but I love it, honestly I think it’s better than the first one. The action that happens between those two characters is just great! And it’s silent! But, not to get cheesy, there’s beauty in the silence. The fight choreography was splendid (yes I said splendid)… I loved it.

I’m starting to think this may all be because of my love for martial arts movies. They’re all about the silent fights, great choreography that’s really creative and just fun to watch.

I mean they fight on the side of a mountain face! A mountain face! And in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon they fight in bamboo. I mean it gave me unrealistic expectations as a kid (especially Dragon Ball Z) but it’s really shaped my taste in action. For the better I think.

Don’t get me wrong, I still like explosive action movies like the A Team and Mad Maxx which I’m sure I’ll talk about soon *hint* *hint* … but can we get a little more silent action into western movies? Can we have fights that are just well choreographed? I mean I’ve seen it done (*cough* Agent May in Agents of Shield) so I know you can do it.

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