Parent trap: the original gem

When thinking of the Parent Trap most people think of the movie with Lindsay Lohan right?

Not me though.

Well okay at first I did because that filmed rocked. Lindsay Lohan is such an amazing actress, even back then. I honestly believed that she was twin and was really confused for a while when I couldn’t find her other half.

However when I was talking to my mom about it she was like oh I loved that movie from ages ago! You’ve seen it? I was a bit confused as to why she was so happy as it wasn’t that hard to find. That is until I showed her the Parent Trap and she was like “Oh this isn’t the movie I remember”. So I was like there’s another one? So I searched for it and I am glad that I did.

It is such a good movie! I thought the twins in the Lindsay Lohan version were vindictive but oh my days in the original version they are much worse. Again the twins are played by one person (Hayley Mills) and again the actress rocked it. The tricks that they played on each other and Vicky were hilarious. My favourites being the dress incident, the lake incident and the bear cubs incident. I don’t want to give too much away in case you decide to watch it.

It’s cute how the 1998 remake kept things from the 1961 version. But it’s also good that they’re different from each other. Ir’d be boring if they were the same, like basically watching the same film twice.

Also the banter between the parents Mitch and Maggie is the best, in my opinion better than the remake. I don’t know it was more genuine somehow and fun yet serious at the same time. I had a weird crush on the dad and Maggie the mom is such a bombshell. For most of the film I was like why are you with Vicky? Maggie is the one! It’s cute to see how much relationships change as decades pass but also how they stay the same.

But I think I’m babbling now, I just wanted to recommend this Golden Oldie, it’s awesome!

Ps: Did you know there is a Parent Trap 2 (1986)? What is it going to be about? Did their parents divorce again? Or is it about them? (because from the poster the twins are fully grown now). I’m intrigued so I may get back to you on that one.

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