Smart is Sexy

A lot of people are saying this recently but I feel like I’ve always thought it. Smart really is sexy. I mean a guy who’s hot is great and everything but after you’re done looking at him then what? Looks fade y’all and I need to talk. If he didn’t have anything to contribute to the conversation I don’t think I could handle it.

Which is why I never understood Tessa and Ryan’s relationship in Suburgatory. Yeah they eventually won me over but in the beginning I was like “Really, we’re doing this? Apart from his looks what do you like about him?”

Don’t get me wrong, I love a smart, logical guy who has a healthy dose of common sense and is God fearing but that don’t mean I want some condescending a hole. Some guys are smart and just plain mean. It’s like yeah you’re smarter than me, that doesn’t mean I’m stupid. Sure my English gets screwy from time to time but that’s my choice, don’t be a snob.

Basically smart is sexy but condescending a hole snobs are not.

Shall we have some examples? Yes, yes we shall.

1} Cisco- who inspired me to write this in the first place. When I started watching The Flash I thought I’d be all about Barry because hello Grant Gustin! I love that guy… but Cisco OMD I love him more than Barry. He’s just so smart, yet funny and just so quirky and to me, that’s hot!

2) This is another fictional example but it’s the first time I realised I had this type. Shikamaru シカマル from Naruto. Yeah that’s right, I said it. To be honest when I first started the Anime/Manga I thought “Man this guy is so lazy!” and he annoyed me. I thought he was well drawn (you know that weird moment when you’re attracted to a drawn character) but that was it. Until we got to the Chunin exams and Shikamaru showed himself for the smart logical genius that he is. And in that moment I knew… this is my ideal type of guy. Like someone make him real! Every time he schooled someone and won a battle without them knowing *happy sigh* it was sexy. Am I weird?

(I’m not giving real life examples because to be honest I don’t know any)

3) Hong Bin 홍빈 from the group Vixx. Yeah this is a Kpop example, but he perfectly illustrates what I mean. From watching them on shows and being subscribed to their YouTube channel I just noticed that Hong Bin was a logical guy. He’s obviously hot when you look at him but seeing that side of him didn’t just make him hot, it made me like him. Yes a good old fashioned celebrity crush but without his logic and wit I don’t think I would gone there in my mind.

So yeah lets end it at three examples.

Smart is sexy

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