Jessica Jones: before I watch 13 episodes

Okay I love comic book TV shows, since Smallville I have always loved them. Now Netflix is on the scene I was a bit skeptical, like Netflix making a series? I am of course talking about when they released DareDevil. I love DareDevil and I really didn’t want them to screw it up and they didn’t! They killed it! It was so well made I don’t know why they don’t make more TV series.

And so hence why I am super excited for Jessica Jones. I briefly read about her when I was going through the Civil War comics. She was with Luke Cage but I didn’t pay attention to her name because *spoiler alert* she leaves with their baby and I was kind of mad but at the same time understood she was looking out for Danielle’s safety. But that’s a different story. The series isn’t going to be about that, it’s starting way before any of that happens and so that pushed me to research her and her back story.

OMD why didn’t anyone tell me she was such a rich character? She goes through so much and is so strong and yet so fragile. I’m glad they decided to go with her character. She’s so rich and full of potential. Plus not many people know about her and it’s refreshing to explore one of the lesser known heroes in the Marvel universe.

I also happen to LOVE Krysten Ritter. I always seem to stumble upon her films and TV shows and each time I’m like “Oh hey, we meet again!” she’s a great actress and she portrays darkness really well… which brings me nicely to my next point.

Whilst I’m super excited for the series I’m also nervous. In my research I stumbled upon the Purple Man. What a horrible villain!! And I know how good David Tennant is at playing creepy. I really want to watch it but … I feel like half way through I’ll just want to punch the screen in an effort to get rid of him and to stop him hurting Jessica.

Why am I writing this before I watch it? Because I want to and because I’m excited but enough, let me concentrate on miss Jessica and come back to you when I’m done 😉


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