Walk a mile in their shoes: work

8317945903_fb577bbedbRecently I got a job. For those who know me, this is a big deal. Not in my career or anything but a job that pays and that is what I wanted for this moment in time. I wanted to know what it’s like have a job, work hard and earn money.

Now I know.

It’s tiring.

The thing I’ve done the most so far is housekeeping and oh my goodness I have such a new found respect for housekeepers. We go to a hotel and just do whatever we want because hey we’re on holiday. But no the housekeeping staff come in and make the place look sexy for the next guest. And most of the time that means clearing up the previous guests mess.

You really learn a lot about a person as you clean up after them.

Some people are considerate, they try to clear the room. All their dirty laundry is located in one place, convenient for you to just come and scoop it up.

Then there are the ghosts. You enter the room and you think, are they sure someone stayed here because I’m seeing no signs of life, but then you see the messy bed and you’re like oh, it was a ghost, no worries.

And then there are the people who let a bomb off in the room. You get in there and you’re like what happened? Did they stage an MMA fight here?

And you have to get a certain amount of rooms ready for a certain time.

It’s hard y’all and I’m a perfectionist (something I only recently discovered) which can be a blessing and a curse. A blessing because my rooms are almost always perfect and a curse because I take too long.

My feet hurt and I’m so bone tired that when I get home all I want to do is eat, sleep and surf YouTube which is hardly productive.

But I’m glad I’ve had this experience. I finally understand what it’s like to work 9-5. I can fully relate to Dolly’s song and not just sing it. And I have the utmost respect for housekeepers. I used to get annoyed when they knocked early in the morning like “Housekeeping” but now that I’ve done the knocking I understand. They just want to make my room sexy. That is the lesson of today.

If you ever find yourself getting irritated at someone just think, what is their job like? What do they have to deal with on a daily basis? And it really puts things into perspective.

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