Jessica Jones: after I’ve watched 13 episodes

I am so done with Simpson. I fully thought he was a good guy but he was just so hell bent on killing Kilgrave he was stupid. I mean to stop a killer you become a killer..? I will never see the logic in that, sorry but no. And he never listened to logic, granted Jessica didn’t either (they really should have planned more before that first time they tried to kidnap Kilgrave) but she learned and she was trying to save someone. Granted Simpson was trying to rid the world of an evil but when you think about it, was he? They all wanted Kilgrave gone but did they turn homicidal? No. You can blame it on the pills but from what I saw they only bring out what was already there.  Hence forth I do not like him. Sorry not sorry.

Sorry for the minor rant, I had to get that out of the way. He was annoying.

Moving on

It was good. I liked that she was a private investigator. It gave me such an old timey detective vibe at times, like when she’d start narrating and the music would play in the background. All they needed was for it to go black and white and voila they’d have a film noir style detective story.

That was one side of the series though.

I loved the friendship of Trish and Jessica. They were just there for each other unconditionally no matter what, right until the end. I loved that. I loved how they knew the worst about each other but were like “screw it, she’s my person” (high five if you know the reference). I also liked that they tag teamed against Simpson.

I liked that the fight scenes were realistic, especially with Trish. She tried to make herself stronger and then she got attacked and she freaked out. I liked that. It was real. Only terminators come back like “Yeah that didn’t bother me”. Terminators and people who deal with that on a daily basis.

This was a female centred series (and I LOVED it) but some male characters stole my heart.

Malcolm was one. Can I just say I called it? Maybe everyone did, I don’t know I’ve been avoiding spoilers, but I so knew he was the one taking photos of Jess. Everywhere she went he’d just pop up. But he really grew as a character through the 13 episodes and showed what a genuine human being he was. He is totally one of favourites. When it looked like he was leaving I was like NOOOO don’t leave!! But he came back yay!

The other male character I loved was Luke Cage. I am really looking forward to his series now. He wasn’t really in this one, which I liked I didn’t want him to steal the show, but for those moments when he was there. Wow. He was awesome. The acting was GREAT and his power is interesting. I never understood what people were going on about before but now I do, he really is almost invincible. Oh and he is beautiful… Just saying

But let’s get onto the main plot. To say I didn’t get frustrated would be a lie. I didn’t want Kilgrave dead I just wanted him defeated. And to be honest I got a little tired of all the people dying. It was like another one? Really? Do you have no remorse? And he’s just so dense. He really can’t see he’s a bad person? Is it all his parents fault? Yeah they did have a part to play but he chose his path in life. I did feel sorry for him at one point but then I got over because he was just so bad. And to think it was all because of love. A part of me thinks it’s just because he lost his favourite toy.

The ending, like with DareDevil, seemed fitting. It really couldn’t have ended any other way and I am just SO glad Hope gets her name cleared. That poor girl. And I’m glad that lawyer finally got her crap together, Hograth. She was such a cold character and her ex-wife’s death was not really needed but whatever that’s my opinion. I’m glad she finally learned how evil he was with his power and helped Jessica. You need a shark in your corner when going to trial.

So that wraps up my thoughts on Jessica Jones. I’m looking forward to more series from Netflix and Marvel. If DareDevil and Jessica Jones are anything to go by, they’ll be awesome. Also Luke Cage!!

Ps: I am so glad they got rid of the villain for good this time inside of that annoying comic book thing when they come back. Kilgrave is one character I don’t want to come back.

Also there were a lot of sex scenes weren’t there?

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