The most badass females in TV right now

Okay so first of all this is my own personal subjective list. I most definitely haven’t watched all the shows you have. Buffy the Vampire Slayer scared me as a kid so I didn’t watch it. It’s only recently that I’ve discovered the show. I can’t believe I used to be scared of it… anyway so don’t get mad if someone you think is totally badass isn’t on here. I only watch crime shows and comic book style shows and comedies so yeah ….


On with the list!!!

Whoa this is actually really hard, so many badass females so little list. But I did say in TV right now so that narrows it down.


Felicity Smoak

I’ll admit I am stupidly behind on Arrow but I love Felicity. She’s smart and like I’ve said before smart is sexy. Smart is also badass. Sometimes you don’t need strength to beat someone, all you need is a good head on your shoulders.

I like how she doesn’t take any crap from the guys either, like sure that’s what happened, tell me the truth.

She’s smart and she ain’t no fool and I think that’s badass.

She’s also really funny, maybe we have the same sense of humour but I just find myself giggling at whatever she says.


Ziva from NCIS

I’m cheating, she’s not on TV right now but she was amazing! A true woman. She was so strong and honestly scarier than most of the guys on that show. I love that they acknowledged that as well.

No one wanted to get interviewed by her.

But she also had a kind heart 🙂 And she was a great judge of character. Can she do any wrong? (well she did leave but that’s another story).


Daisy Skye Johnson

You’re going to realise most of my list comes from Marvel. Maybe I watch too much Marvel but oh well.

Skye, who now wants to be called Daisy, is so badass. She was taught by May so of course she is. Add in the fact that she’s an inhuman then omd awesome! Her power can harm and save. Plus in season 3 she’s got her power under control and it doesn’t control her. That’s cool.

It’s not just her powers and hand to hand combat skills that make her badass but her character. She’s like a bull. I feel like she’s a taurus. Once she’s got her mind on something she does not give up.

It can be annoying if you’re on the receiving end but if she’s on your side then it’s an excellent quality to have. You know that if she’s in your corner she’ll never give up no matter what.

She also has great morals.



Agent Carter

First off I love that show and I can’t wait for it to come back next year. I’m so excited!!

Anyway Agent Carter, she was a boss from day one! I mean she was badass in Captain America and now on her own show she’s still badass.

Although the douch bag men at work be constantly TRYING to keep her down. But please you can’t keep a Boss down. She took someone out with a stapler… enough said.

She also doesn’t let the everyday constant sexism get to her. I have no idea how because I almost went crazy just watching it.

She’s awesome and I love her.


Agent May! Of course you probably saw that coming but dude, she’s awesome!! I love her! She’s just so badass, she takes no prisoners and she owns it. I think I fell in love with her in season one on Agents of Shield. She kicked Grant’s butt and I enjoyed every minute of it. Oh and of course the May vs May fight, the table bit… like what!!

But she’s not just physically strong, mentally she’s strong. She’s like a pillar for the team, she holds them up sometimes and I admire that strength of character.

But hey tough girls need love too, so I’d love it if someone was a pillar for her. I feel like Phil is in some way but he’s always so busy. She’s needs bruh, maybe Mockingbird?

Btw what’s a female version of a bruh?

I went off topic there but anyway that’s my list 😀

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