JP? The guy was seriously shady…

I’ve read The Princess Diaries (TPD from now on cause I’m too lazy to type it all out) many times but it never occurred to me how shady J.P. was until recently. At first I thought it was because I just wanted her to be with Michael but OMD reading it again I realise J.P. was one of the most calculating characters in there. Sure he wasn’t evil but the way he hurt Lilly, went after Mia and manipulated them both… wow.

So let’s take a journey down memory lane, just how shady was J.P.?

At first he seemed like a nice guy, like when he showed up in book volume seven he was nice enough. He was strange but every one of Mia’s friends are strange and it kind of adds to their charm and it was cool how he switched with Michael at the end of the play so he wouldn’t have to kiss her.

But did any of you notice how he had a Mead Notebook just like Mia and wrote in it all the time like she did? I never thought about it before, until I got to the last book.

But it’s volumn eight where he’s shady, oh sooo shady!

Like for one, the way he treated Lilly. There was something not right about it. She says I love you and you say “Thank you” or “I know”…? And was it not shady when Lilly dyed her hair blonde because J.P. preferred blondes? Like what? It’s even worse when you get to the tenth book and you find out what he said to Lilly that he was going to dump her for her best friend Mia, that he’d been using her… I mean what?


And then there’s the way he talked about Michael and Lilly after she had broken up with the former and wasn’t talking to the latter. That they always wanted something in return from Mia, they never gave anything for free. I found that so funny because he was basically just talking about himself. He was only with Mia because her fame boosted his career as a playwright. An unoriginal playwright I might add. What was with the play he wrote where he made fun of Mia and made himself seem like a hero who she desperately needed and how he wanted to be a Prince. Alarm bells… hello?.. they’re ringing!!!

And the last piece of shade … was this conversation:

“Amazing you’re only single for what, sixteen hours? And the wolves are already out”

He was talking about Kenny to Mia but come on, he was really talking about himself. Kenny was genuinely being nice and yet the wolf that was J.P. had to come in and fool Mia.

And then he made some lame excuse about how he’d only stayed with Lilly that long because he was waiting to see if he could fall in love with her…? Really now? Don’t lie, you were laying in wait for Mia that’s why you stuck around!

And by making Kenny the bad guy J.P. came off as the good guy who was only after her best interests.

*cue heavy eye rolling*

I can’t stand it, I really can’t. When I read J.P.’s bits it just makes me so mad. I’m just so happy she dumped him. But a part of me thinks that if Michael had never come back would she have ever realised what a douche J.P. was? I hope so because Mia deserves better and that better is Michael.

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