What’s wrong with a nice guy?

I know girls like bad boys, a little bit of danger and all that. And sure I like a guy who can handle himself, who’s strong and confident and masculine.

But what’s wrong with a nice guy?

It’s great if your man is a man but if he doesn’t have manners or is just a mean horrible person then what’s the point?

Yeah so you’re confident, it doesn’t mean you can belittle people shier than you.

Yeah so you’re strong, it doesn’t mean you should beat people weaker than you.

A true man looks out for others, is a gentleman, thinks about how his actions will hurt others and knows how to show kindness.

Is that too much to ask?

I know not everyone is perfect and that’s fine. But some guys don’t even care that they’re not nice.

And I don’t mean nice on the surface, I mean nice all the way down to their core. Some guys are nice on the surface but when you dig deeper… well that’s when you find the rotten middle.

People can change but I’m not one of them people who enjoys projects in a relationship. If a man don’t want to change he won’t, I ain’t about to force him.

The reason for my rather ranty post is Captain America. In the Avengers he is my favourite, right up there with Thor and Hawkeye. And out of the solo movies hands down Captain America’s are my favourites. But everyone is always so shocked… “Why do you like him? He’s so nice and boring”

Excuse me? What you think because he’s nice he’s boring? Who are you looking at? Maybe you’re the one who’s boring. What, you need constant action to be kept entertained? You need constant drama?

I don’t need that. When I see Captain America I see a fiercely loyal person who is brave, who is displaced and trying to find where he fits. I see someone who is caring, who would sit on the couch with you and talk about your day. He would be like a best friend and a boyfriend wrapped into one. And I’m sorry but that’s beautiful.

So nice guys, true nice guys (you know, who are nice because they are and not just because they’re trying to get into your panties) you have a fan right here.

And Captain America? You definitely have a fan right here.

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