Christmas Review: Christmas Cupid

I don’t celebrate christmas (shocking in this day and age I know). I do however like to watch christmas movies on christmas eve and christmas day (and on New Years eve and day I watch action and rom coms… oh yeah).

One of the movies I decided to watch was Christmas Cupid, another version of A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens.

I don’t know, this has to be my least favourite of them all. I loved Ghost of Girlfriends past and the Muppet’s Christmas Carol.

Why did I hate it? …. wait maybe hate is a strong word… Why didn’t I like it?

I didn’t buy the transformation. She goes from literally not caring at all to doing this huge turn around. I mean you would think after the first or second ghost she would change a LITTLE but she doesn’t change at all… she doesn’t even care! And what she did to Patrick… I mean you ask him out on a date and your douchy boyfriend comes by and asks you to marry him and you say yes?


You fully know this dude has cheated on you multiple times… he doesn’t even listen to you when you talk… like what?!

And every time she’s shown the wrong things she’s done she doesn’t show remorse she’s like “Whatever it ain’t my fault” … I feel like Scrooge showed more remorse than her and that’s saying something.

I’m sorry I lost interest in the movie at that point and just watched it to see how it ended.

She does the typical turn around thing when she sees she’s destined to die alone. She’s suddenly nice and lovely, thinks about other peoples feelings and keeps her promises.

And Patrick takes her back. I don’t know why… she was a douche to him. But that is how forgiveness works and it’s a movie so they don’t have time to show realistic growth.

By the way… I’m not saying the acting was bad. Ashley Benson, Christina Milian and Chad Michael Murray were great! The story line was creative, I guess… I just didn’t buy it.


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