Christmas Review: No Strings Attached

In my christmas movie watching tradition this film probably doesn’t fit in. But I felt like watching it again so I did.

I thought it was going to be so cheesy when I first watched it ages ago but it really isn’t. It’s real.

And it is just so fun to see the roles reversed, like the girl is having none of it and the guy is the one pushing for a relationship and the right to snuggle and have breakfast with her.

I love it.

I genuinely like this movie and I like how Emma (Natalie Portman) is mean and owns it. As a fellow mean girl I appreciate the representation. I’m not saying I’m a bitch but I just don’t like the overly gooey romantic stuff. I’d rather someone was honest and real rather than *shudder* overly romantic. Which can come across as mean to some people but really she’s just straight forward.

And it’s this mean girl who falls in love with Adam (Ashton Kutcher) in a real way. In most rom coms they do this weird turn around where they’re like “Oh my goodness I have loved you all along and did not know it! I must run through an airport right now!” But with Emma it comes gradually, like you can see her falling for him you’re just waiting for her to admit it to herself. And when she does, OMD, it is so satisfying. And yes it gets a little cheesy but I allow it because it was called for.

So this gets four thumbs up from me for an honest, cute portrayal of love in this day and age.

Also Ashton Kutcher was so cute in this movie (plus did you know he was a twin? I just googled him… my mind is blown).

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