Teen Wolf: 5×18

So I have just watched the most recent episode and it was great!

It was set in the past and we were finding out all about Marie Jean and the beast of gevaudan (which is a real thing that happened… not with werewolves but with wolfs.. in France).

It was so interesting and seeing Crystal Reed again was a treat. She was epic as always and was a badass hunter of course. But the French accents that everyone had was so strange to listen to, apart from Sebastian’s. However it did help put me in that mind set that it happened a long time ago… to French people.

I was watching some reviews on YouTube and people were surprised SPOILER that Sebastian was the beast… I wasn’t. I mean it was between him and his little friend but I suspected him. His little friend reminded me of the dread doctors, protecting the beast by hiding the bodies. And in earlier episodes they had mentioned that the beast’s human half was a killer and in this episode they mentioned how it killed for sport and I thought no it’s not his little friend, look at him he’s shaking, he’s so fragile in some way and he wants to die? Nah it’s not him but it is someone we’ve seen and the only other suspect is her brother. I mean at the beginning they were in the midst of the chaos and yet they came back completely fine, they had not one scratch on them… that’s not possible, not with the beast. So I wasn’t surprised when her brother turned around and it was him. Especially when he started talking, man showed no remorse… I would have like to know more, like why was he like that? I mean he was even willing to kill his sister (until Argent saved her).

So yeah it was interesting and great story telling by my man Chris and the other one… urgh Gerard.

But the episode was perfectly balanced between the past and the present. Poor Scott was getting the ish beaten out of him. And where was Kira? If there was any time we needed her to lose control of her kitsune it was then. Her kitsune would have enjoyed the fight and maybe hurt it more than Scott did, but great effort from him, he saved everyone. But then did he just reveal himself to them? I don’t think anyone can go back to their ignorance of the supernatural after this. It shall be interesting to see how the students and people of Beacon Hills react.

But I’m skimming over the biggest reveal… MASON!!

I knew it!! I’m telling you I knew it!! He was totally the one! Although admittedly I only figured it out last episode because out of everyone we know he’s the only one unaccounted for. And they did say it was a chimera we did not think of. High fives to my other fellow YouTube commentors who called it!

What I don’t understand though is why everyone is disappointed? I mean they’re saying it can’t be him because it’s too obvious *cue eye roll*. Did y’all not watch season three? It was soooo obvious who the darach was, don’t tell me you didn’t know. From episode one I was like I bet it’s her, she’s too innocent I ain’t buying it and guess what it was her! And Styles with the nogitsune? As if it was going to be Scott when season 3a had been all about him… or Allison who had had season 2. No it was totally going to be Styles. So you’re telling me that a villain has never been obvious? Pur-lease! Y’all have a selective memory.

And sure they could turn around and say it’s not him and if they do then fine, you called it. But if it is Mason I am saying yes! Because OMD this is going to be awesome! He literally has no idea and he is the sweetest guy on the show… imagine telling him he’s the one responsible for all the deaths? I wonder if the dread doctors got him that night at the school… And OMD what if the beast takes over and he’s gone and Sebastian is there? *shudder*

So I’m excited

Season 5, both a and b, has been amazing! I don’t care what you haters say. A series cannot be badass all the time, Scott needed to go through real trouble and pain and he did. But now he’s come out stronger and better and it is going to be so cool!!

But what of Parrish (my love)? And Kira? When will she get a hold of her kitsune? Perhaps they need to talk to her kitsune the way they did with the hellhound…

Anyway that is all…

Ps: That was the best revenge erasing him from history… aha! No one knows about you sucker! (another reason why I shouldn’t be in shows, I would rub it in the villains face… I’d be like Styles but female).

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