Straight forwardness: It’s attractive

I think my titles are becoming weirder but onwards!

I’ve talked about smart being sexy, liking genuinely nice guys (and not guys who are only nice if they think they’ll get something in return) and I know I like God fearing or morally upright men and men who are easy to talk to and who share my sense of humour (I’m not about that serious emo style life). I also know that excessive cuteness also known as aegyo can sometimes be off putting. I can’t handle too much aegyo, unless it hilarious.

I know all that.

But I had another mind blown moment recently. Honestly I think this is the year I’m finding out things about myself. I decided to take a gap year, God decided it was going to be a self discovery year.

So what have I discovered this time?

I have discovered that I like straight forwardness in a guy. Someone who is to the point, doesn’t beat around the bush and is honest.

They say opposites attract but I’m starting to wonder if we are attracted to qualities that we ourselves have. Because I recently realised how straight forward I am and how much I like logic to the point where I could be mistaken for Spock. Spock actually makes sense to me, I sit there like “Yes, you’re right they shouldn’t do it, it’s illogical”.

I came about this discovery watching kpop… I know again! (You may as well accept it’s a part of my life).

So I was watching Vixx’s new vids on YouTube and Hongbin 홍빈 was on and he said something and I was like “Yeah I agree, this is why I like him he’s so straightforward” and then I thought “It’s probably why I like Jaebum 재범 too but I think they’re the only ones” and so I carried on watching Vixx. Now recently I’ve been watching bts’ 방탄소년단 vids and although V 태형 will forever be my bias I have recently started to like Jungkook 국이! And so whilst I was lying there I remembered 국이 and I was like “Wait he’s straight forward as well! I have just noticed that! OMD is a pattern forming!”

Then I sat up because I was having my mind blown 멘붕! (starts singing CL … I feel only kpop fans will get this reference).

Like really? I then texted my best friend like OMD can you believe I have a type, and then she stated she already knew. That’s friendship.

But anyway I have found out a new thing about myself which makes it easier to find a guy. If I was actually trying to find a guy. Recently I have only liked guys in kpop or like Grant Gustin, basically celebrities. In real life there is no one who I am in contact with who I like. So I don’t know what good this realisation will do me. I feel like 국이 I’m enjoying my youth and just not that into finding someone right now.

But I guess it’s good to know.

Ps: 국이 is not how you spell Jungkook’s name, 국이 is spelling Kookie his nickname. Jungkook is spelled like so: 정국, just in case you were wondering. I just like calling him 국이 it’s cute.

PPs: Switching between keyboards can get tiring but I’m determined!

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