Top 5 Avatar Fights


It is that time again,the time for my next installment in the Avatar: the Last Airbender series.

Last time I talked about my favourite characters and this time I shall be talking about my favourite fights. As I love a good action sequence especially when martial arts is involved. Avatar is full of my favourite fights but I have narrowed them down to five and here they are:

Number five:

Sokka vs Master Piandao

Cuute (credit to the owner)

Sure it probably wasn’t spectacularly epic but it was a turning point for Sokka. He had always been the one without bending ability and though he had his boomerang and his analytical mind he was always lagging or being saved by the others. I think I felt Sokka’s frustration at not being about to do anything in physical situations. So the fact that they actually addressed that and gave him a skill was great.

Through him learning how to sword fight we learnt how great his mind is, how he’s creative, thinks outside of the box and is determined (we also learnt how humble he was as that’s the reason Piandao decided to teach him). All these are great skills to have as a fighter. It showed Sokka as more than comic relief (although he is freaking hilarious).

I was proud of Sokka and I shall miss his space sword.

His teacher Master Piandao was savage though, he really didn’t pull his punches in their fight. I thought it was real and then you found out it wasn’t and that he was part of the white lotus… wow… you could have fooled me.

Although I should have caught on when he kept complimenting Sokka in the fight.

Number four:

Katara vs Hama


I found this bittersweet.

I mean I didn’t agree with Hama holding onto her bitterness, she could have done some good and liberated some other captives of the fire nation but instead she decides to terrorise a village. Another example why revenge sucks. She could have helped a lot of people but she never did.

But at the same time I understand why she turned out that way. Her home was attacked, her people were taken from their homes because they were water benders and they were to be imprisoned for life. She lived in prison and in horrible conditions, who wouldn’t turn crazy and vengeful?

So I don’t agree with painting her as a one dimensional villain, she was twisted by what happened to her.

However the fight between her and Katara was epic and plain creepy. I mean I remember watching it and being like ¬_¬ errmm maybe I should turn on the lights.

I feel like she upgraded Katara’s bending as well. She taught her that water was all around them, sure only use the technique at desperate times as it sucks the life out of plants but still it taught Katara a lot I feel.

Although it was heart breaking as Katara was forced to blood bend. Another scary technique.

Oh and in their fight you can see how Tai Chi is infused in water bending. They’re fighting but it’s sort of gentle and their movements flow and it’s like they redirect an attack.

Number three:

Toph vs Earth Benders


Or perhaps I should call it the moment I feel in love with Toph.

She was so badass, she beat them whilst wearing PJs like whaat! And I loved how she did it and showed her father she wasn’t some delicate flower. She showed how her being blind wasn’t a disability but an advantage.

I loved how she beat them all as they were so cocky and she entered the ring like “bring it bitches” and they tried to bring but they couldn’t. She was in control the whole time.

I also fell in love with her fighting style: chow gar one of the four major schools of southern praying mantis. I don’t know if you know this but I love martial arts and so watching Toph fight had me like “Wow! She has such a unique fighting style, I want to try it!” And now I know what it is I can… although it looks like it takes time to master.

Number two:

Aang vs Ozai

Taken from google

This fight was visually epic. It was amazing! I mean Ozai was super jacked up on the power of the meteor and Aang’s like “Momo I have to kick ass” and Momo is like “Sure I’ll be over there watching”. And then Aang stops Ozai in his tracks.

Ozai was so cocky when this fight started. Like pssft this child, so what if he’s the Avatar?

And to be honest it was touch and go there for a while. Aang couldn’t get his head in the game but when he did…

When he did!

The epicness was amazing!

You do have to give credit to Ozai because he did hold Aang off for a while. But only a while. Then Aang was like ermmm no.

The perfect balance he had between the four elements *happy sigh* it was beautiful! Aang was epic and I was so proud of him. And I was proud of the fact that he didn’t kill Ozai but took his bending. So not only did Aang have balance between the elements he also had enough balance within  himself to spirit bend.


Number one:

Zuko vs Azula

I still watch this fight from time to time when I want to be awed (same with number two).

The reason why this beats Aang vs Ozai in my mind is because this one hit me emotionally. I was proud of Aang but I always knew he could do it and so I was just waiting for them to show his epicness (which they thankfully did).

But with Azula and Zuko it was just so beautiful. The music that accompanied the fight and the visual art… it was beautiful and yet devastating. As the fire was enhanced and it was like a dance between blue and orange fire but at the same time I remembered that they’re brother and sister and yet they’re in an Agni Kai fight to the death.

And being burnt hurts, no matter how beautiful they make the fire!

It was just sad.

Also Azula’s madness. I mean even in her madness she was powerful but watching her break like that, it really highlighted how Ozai had done a number on her.

So it was very bittersweet.

It was silent with only the music and the sound of them fire bending. Somehow that made it more spectacular. It made me sit still and watch, I was really drawn into the fight emotionally.

Zuko also came out stronger than Azula.

Even with LoK it’s still my favourite fight for its beauty, sadness and just brilliant fire bending. Since Zuko and Azula I feel you don’t get to see such brilliant fire bending anymore. In fact I feel like you don’t see brilliant water and earth bending either.

Air however gets it’s time to shine I mean Tenzin is a boss!

I got a little off topic there but that is my top five fights of Avatar: the Last Airbender. Do you agree, do you disagree? Feel free to state your own favourite fights.


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