Old School Review: Sleepover

Do you know how long this has been in my draft box? Since last year! Since I started my blog! This is a true example of how bad a procrastinator I can be.

So in this old school review I shall be talking about the movie Sleepover. I have always wanted to watch it but I never got the chance to. But today I finally finished it thanks to Netflix and me kicking my procrastination in the butt.

After waiting so long what do I think? It’s a great movie to watch at a sleepover. I wish I had when we used to have them. In fact when I started having sleepovers I wanted to have epic adventures like they do in the movie but alas my mom is as strict as Jane Lynch is in the movie only worse… she’s African. I swear African moms are ninjas. So I couldn’t pull off that tom foolery. Plus I live in England where would we do half the crap they did? England’s not the place for such pranks.

I like the concept of the film as well. Her friend, Hannah, is moving and so she decides they’re going to take part in this challenge set them by Staci, a scavenger hunt, so they can sit in this ideal spot when they get to High School. But it’s more about Hannah building Julie’s confidence before her and her family move.

It’s such a cute funny movie and Steve Carell is hilarious as the patrol officer, poor guy.

And OMD Sean Faris, he looks like Tom Cruise! Am I wrong? Anyway he plays the love interest Steve and I love the fact that the reason he falls for her is because she’s a boss skater and because of her hobbies. It was cute and once he decided he liked her, dog with a bone he became.

It’s kind of weird how Staci isn’t a total villain even though she’s meant to be the “mean” girl. I wasn’t rooting for her but I didn’t dislike her that much. Plus Todd (her ex boyfriend) was a dick! I mean why was he pressuring her? She was still in middle school and come on! Do you think about anything but sex? And then you find out he had another girlfriend all this time… dick! And then they fight each other instead of ganging up on him! Come on ladies (it was the most lame fight ever).

Judging by the amount of movies on this subject your best friend moving away is a traumatic thing. I can attest to that. I mean in this day and age it’s not that bad, you have Facebook and WhatsApp and Instagram… you have a lot of social media tools to keep in touch. But when I was a kid (90s baby alert) we did not have that so the best you could hope for was to write a letter. But no one did that so you lost contact with your home girl.

I used to get so mad at parents, I would sit there and be like “Can’t they wait till we’re at least 18 to move house?!” Which is probably why I don’t want to have kids until I am properly settled. I’m not about that constantly moving life.

I had a best friend once from South Korea and she constantly moved ’cause of her father’s job and she was only in England for a year. I really miss her sometimes and she was a great friend but like I said this was before social media, before MSN even, so there was no way to keep in touch 😦

Ah this movie has triggered memories.

I say watch it if you want to go back to those sleepover days or if you’re still in your teens watch it as it’s fun and easy going and not too stereotypical which I like.


Ps: when you like someone go and talk to the person directly instead of asking their friend, who clearly likes you, to do it for you! Either grow some confidence or sit down! Pet peeve I’m sorry, I felt sorry for Steve’s friend like duuude

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