Agent Carter Season Two: Giftie’s review


What can I say I have a huge girl crush, nay, women’s crush on Agent Carter. Ah Peggy, you’re such a boss.

This year I feel like we got to know her more, like beyond her boss character we got to see other aspects of her personality. Or maybe I just noticed the other aspects more this time around.

Either way I loved getting to know more about Peggy’s character, like how she was going to settle if her brother had not put her forward for that position. I mean, can you imagine Peggy as a housewife? Yeah, I can’t either. I’m glad her brother had her back.

And of course there has been the fun had with Jarvis and Sousa. I love Sousa, he is just adorable and matches Peggy’s energy really well. They both seem to enjoy the banter but I was so sad the first half of the season when he was going to marry someone else. I have never understood that. If you feel that strongly for someone else why would you enter a serious relationship with another? Wouldn’t that be dishonest and unfair? So I’m glad that ended and I’m glad Violet called him out on it and ended the engagement.

Another thing I loved is how Jarvis is totally secure as a butler. So many times on the show people try to insult him and he’s just there like “Ermm was that meant to insult me? I’m great at my job and what?”. For example when Thompson tried to insult him, that was such a fail and it cracked me up. I also love how Ana and Jarvis are secure in their relationship and their love for each other. It’s nice to see that on television, a couple that isn’t insecure in any way. But this time we did get to see Ana worry and we got to see how witty she is and what a big heart she has. I’m glad she wasn’t a formless voice this season as I really enjoyed her character.

Onto the juicy stuff, Whitney Frost. I feel like if Whitney wasn’t “bad” her and Peggy would get along. She’s a strong women who has had to give up her intelligence to make it in this world of men. I mean she is smart, very smart, but does that get her anywhere? No. But with her looks that’s the only time she gets anything. I like how despite that she still finds a way to make it, even if it means using her husband as a way of getting an in. In some way I was happy she got the 0 matter, it gave her power and it gave her control back. I’m sad she used it for evil but really we all saw that coming. Give someone power who has never had power before and bam! Especially if that person is smart and angry.

I also liked how Joseph Manfredi genuinely liked her for her and not her beauty or what she could get him but for her. Even in the end when she was mad with power and was going to let a leech onto their world he just wanted to save her. As crazy as he was I feel he respected her more than her husband did. And yet it’s her husband she imagines in the mental asylum.

They actually tackled the issue of race in this season. In other period dramas or shows set in those times it’s like race doesn’t exist and I’ve always wanted a realistic portrayal of what it was like to be black in those times. And Agent Carter does that with Jason Wilkes. It’s cute that he likes Peggy and it’s cute that she likes him back. I just like the representation and that they gave him a credible voice. He did lose it in the middle but that was to be expected. To be honest I’m surprised he survived. When he exploded I thought, yeah that’s it, he’s gone! But he wasn’t, he came back.

The season this time around was mellower than the last, there was more focus on the “villain” rather than it solely being on the SSR and Peggy. Although there was that whole drama with Thompson and Vernon Masters and the old mans club. I was disappointed in Thompson. I didn’t expect him to be a saint but I didn’t expect him to be so stupid as to get manipulated like that. I held him to a higher esteem than that but clearly I was wrong. His ego was too high that it was easily stroked.

I will say, however, that he was a hard character to figure out. Every time I thought I knew what he was doing I would get it wrong. I like that in a character. But then there’s the season finale… is he dead? Is he gone? Because I like what he brings to the table and Chad Michael Murray did a great job… if he’s dead I’m sad. Yes, I’m sad!

I wanted more from the season finale. I wanted some kind of fight between Frost and team Peggy. I didn’t expect it to go to plan. So I guess I was a little disappointed. It was good but it could have been better. Like the 0 matter could have been scary and tried to leech it’s way across. I don’t know, the finale just lacked one little something.

What it did not lack though was Peggy x Sousa love! I was watching it at home and I literally had a fangirl moment and I don’t have many of those. I thought they were going to carry on stringing us along but when they actually kissed… yo!.. it was perfect! It was so Peggy as well. It was like she made up her mind and she just went for it. I love her. And I love Sousa. I love them together.

Not that I disliked her with Wilkes, that was cute and if Sousa didn’t exist I would totally ship it. But Sousa exists so bye.

Now that it’s over I’m just going to sit here and wait for it to be renewed. It’s such a great show and if they don’t renew it, aah, I’ll be bummed. I mean there is still so much story to be told! And the way they ended it! Does that mean we’re going to jump into Peggy’s dark past? Whatever darkness that is?

I’m excited!

Renew it!

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