Smallville Season 3: Oh the Angst (Part 2)

Onto Part 2 of my season 3 review. I talked about what I thought overall in Part 1 and in Part 2 I shall be talking about the characters in detail.

So without further ado let’s move on to the

Character assassinations! 

(aka in-depth analysis)

Let’s start with Clark:

Him on red kryptonite is like him on drugs. Plus I feel like the only good thing AI Jor El did was give him that ‘birthmark’ it kept him sane in a way. As he had to take off the ring otherwise the mark would hurt too much.

I liked how his hair was wild and grown whilst he was wild. It suited him. I also feel like Clark’s wild time in the city gave him a certain edge, even when he came back to ‘Earth’ or reality I should say, he didn’t really lose it.

I never thought Clark would experience the pain of getting shot but it seems the only person smart enough to make bullets out of green kryptonite was Van. That was brutal. It went through his hand and then in his shoulder. It’s funny how Jonathan stood there for a minute like “Quit playing it don’t hurt” then he was like “Crap! You actually got shot!” Clark’s lucky Van didn’t go for a head shot. I don’t think Clark would have survived that.

Clark seemed to be more open this season. I don’t know how but it’s in my notes so I’ll go with it. The solar flare episode was entertaining (it also happens to be the Perry White epi). They finally learn that Clark’s powers come from the sun, yay! He’s like a solar panel.

Ah I think I meant he was more open in that he let people into his life problems more. As in he told Lana the problems he was having in his family and as a person away from his powers.

The on earth Jor El episode was weird. Why would he look exactly like Clark? I feel like that’s a continuity error as when Jor El shows up later he’s blond and looks nothing like Clark. We also got to see Grandpa Kent yay!!

It’s cool that Clark always has Lex’s back this season. No matter how much they argue he still tries to help him. He’s a good friend…

We went through different versions of Clark this season. Cocky Clark (have you ever noticed how cocky he can be with his powers? Like he has puny human moments… seriously watch his face when he wins), jealous Clark (snooze), happy Clark (this Clark was rare because of all the angst but for a while he had a good run, especially in Alicia’s epi before she turned cray), awkward Clark (he can be so awkward it’s cute, omd when his dad walked in on them making out) and proud Clark (when he looked so proud when he told his parents he hadn’t told Alicia about his allergy to rocks).

Oh and we finally found out about his mother, Lara. That was beautiful.

Next Lana:

The angst!

They address the fact that EVERYONE seems to freaking fall for her. I don’t mind but after a while it gets boring. Have someone fall for Chloe!

She does have a dark moment when she starts to hate meteor ‘freaks’ and sides with Van. That was interesting for Clark I imagine. She redeems herself later on though.

She points out how alone Clark must feel by keeping his secret. Poor guy. At least she gets it.

Oh and the sexy lake dream in Slumber! It was so cute and through out the dream I kept thinking someone was going to come and cock block. But I guess you can’t really cock block a dream. Is it weird that the whole time I was watching that scene I thought “What a pretty bra, I wonder if they still make them”. But seriously it was really pretty, I think it had cherry blossoms on it.

We did get less angst in the first half of the season (they even address this fact) that is until she breaks her leg and meets Adam. He was an interesting character. I didn’t see that plot twist coming and I usually do with the crazy. I was disappointed, can’t she have a normal functional relationship?

I kind of wondered if her martial arts skills were exaggerated in Delete… is she really that hard to defeat?

And she’s going to Paris. I wasn’t even mad. Girl you go to Paris! Give us all a break from the angst. Urgh teenagers. I do not miss that part of being a teen.

Onto Chloe:

Writing about Clark for Lionel. I was so mad at her for that. Just because he chose Lana in season 2 you go and sign a deal with the evil one? How could you?! I’m glad she comes to her senses although it’s too late because Lionel has he’s hooks in her.

I’m glad that Chloe’s actions have consequences this season. Like for example her profiles on potential meteor freaks being used by Van as a hit list. She has learnt a lot of valuable lessons.

Although she seems to forget those lessons in the episode Truth where she is such a dick! What she did to her history teacher! It’s even worse that she doesn’t seem to get how bad what she did is. She destroyed someone’s life and did not care. She did not exercise any caution and she wonders why people don’t trust her. Like really? And Clark forgives her so easily and yet he gave Pete such a hard time for his mistake? Really Clark? I must not have watched this episode before because if I had I would not like Chloe as much as I do.

I’m so disappointed in her. Just… nope!

On a good note her fight with Lana was epic and cool. Even with Lana all juiced up on her kill mission Chloe held her own. Although shouldn’t she have died? She fell down two flights of stairs.

My main man Pete:

I feel like he got played. Out of all the characters he has the least character development. It’s like for half the season they forget that he’s there. He’s defining quality becomes how good a friend he is. He has to have more to him than that, right?

We finally get to see another side of Pete this season. We finally get some character development. He gets story lines!

For one he gets kidnapped by that sound guy because his mother is a judge and not because of Clark. Yes!

He gets caught up in drag racing because of his love for cars and wanting to get out of Clark’s shadow. I can understand that. Having Clark as a friend must be hard. Especially when he’s such a boy scout like omd. Not that I agree with the drag race life. It’s dangerous as the episode showed and Pete’s actions had real bad consequences. I like how Clark doesn’t let him get away with it although it was a sad scene where he walks away after saying “Not today Pete”. I feel like it was foreshadowing. I wish he’d do that with Chloe.

It’s taken for granted the sacrifices Pete has to make. Keeping Clark’s secret is hard and even though he’s threatened he never gives in. Go Pete!

His love for Chloe was not a surprise and it was a bit bitter sweet. He’s loved her all that time and yet he could not act on it. He couldn’t because of Clark’s far reaching shadow.

His parents divorce hit me harder than it should have. I fully sat there like “NO!” His family was the only normal one that had no problems. I was sad that that was crushed.

And then he left. I feel like he deserved a bigger send off than what he got. I mean he does defend Clark’s secret and he does warn Clark but then he’s just gone. No goodbye from Chloe, no super sad emotions… like he’s just gone! It was a touching scene between him and Clark but that was it… dude. Come on!

Pete got played.

Let’s finish with Lex:

He got stuck on an island because of his gold digging wife. We should have known! She forgave him way too easily for stealing the vile of Clark’s blood. But I just never thought she would be a bad character. I foolishly trusted her. I feel as hurt as Lex. At least now we know why he doesn’t trust women. He has really bad taste.

The island plot twist was cool in that he was fighting himself. It revealed a lot about what goes on in his mind. Lex loses it a bit in this season but who can blame him, who? He gets stuck on island with no one because of his bitch wife, his father wipes seven weeks worth of memories with electric shock therapy and makes him think he’s crazy. His father never fully loved him because he thought he killed his brother  Julian when really it was Lex’s mother who was clearly suffering from Postpartum depression but Lionel was too blind to see it.

Everything Lionel touches he destroys! How twisted is it that his wife thought it was better that the kid should die than be raised by Lionel?

Their family is twisted! And Lionel killed his parents and knows what it’s like to be abused but he goes ahead and does the same thing to Lex. Then he’s shocked when he turns evil. He stupid. I was so glad he got put in prison. I wasn’t even sad about his liver disease because in his search for a cure he killed three people and the researchers and he didn’t care.

Lex is responsible for his own actions but with a father like Lionel are we really surprised? I can’t help but feel sorry for him. He’s been through a lot and the whole story with Julian broke my heart. He protected his mother but that left him open to his father’s hate.

If the Kent’s had accepted him from the beginning perhaps he wouldn’t have turned the way he did. This is addressed in the epi Slumber (it’s such a good epi). It’s also highlighted when he’s in the mental institute. He knows Clark’s secret but he doesn’t tell, he’s more amazed than anything.

The knife however… who touched it first Lionel or Lex… who is Clark’s enemy? Of course we know but they don’t so it’s fun to pretend and speculate.

Oh and the whole poisoning thing, I’m not worried. Lex has survived worse.

Superman in Training

In season 3 we get his super hearing, yay! How does he get it? By getting his own heat vision bounced back onto him causing him to go momentarily blind. He also ends up wearing glasses!!

In this training session both Martha and Jonathan go into coach mode by helping him focus his hearing on one thing, his father’s voice. Aww

Now at least he can hear when his friends are in danger instead of waiting for the phone call. Although he seems to be using it sparingly… and for eves dropping.

Anyway it’s time for

Fantastic Guest Stars! 

Jesse Metcalfe as Van. His character showed that the actions of season 2 have consequences. In this instance it was Lizzy Caplan’s character Tina’s fault. She killed his father. (You know the army dude who came to tell Whitney’s mother about Whitney’s death?)

Ian Somerhalder as Adam. A sweet guy until the plot twist. I really did not see that coming. Ian plays mean characters well. It’s a shame his last actions were to try and kill Lana.

Kevin Zegers as the dude in Magnetic. Was this when the angst between Lana and Clark started again? I can’t remember. But a young Kevin Zegers was cute. He’s from a lot like It’s a boy girl thing, Gossip Girl and another show I watched recently but has slipped my mind.

My favourite ‘freak’ until she turned into a sociopath (although I do like what she does later in like season 5) Alicia played by Sarah Carter. She gives Clark joy and she is his first in the sense of she’s the first girl he’s caught having steamy make out sessions with… in his room. She gives him joy until you know, the sociopath thing. It was nice to see Clark genuinely happy.

Adrianne Palicki aka Mockingbird or in this instance fake Kara. It was nice to see her. It’s a shame she wasn’t really Kara 😥

Brandon Jay McLaren as Yance a delivery guy but hey he was a red power ranger in Power rangers S.P.D. and he was in She’s the Man. Both I loved as a teen so I recognised him straight away.

Ryan Merriman as the dodgy guy in the episode Velocity. He gives Pete trouble. He’s also really good at playing bad characters. He’s Ian from PLL.

We had more reappearances from Shawn Ashmore, Jonathan Taylor Thomas and Jesse Metcalfe because he appears twice and he didn’t need to… well I guess he did but meh.

That’s it so our tallies for the season are…

Ruined Cars: 5 and 3/4

Explosions: 1

Sexy/dangerous swimming: 2

Until season 4 ciao

(Finally Lois!!)

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