Smallville Season 3: Oh the Angst (Part 1)

(I started writing it and it was too long so I’ve split it into parts, even my notes were long!)

Season 3 has been a lot of things, mostly annoying. I’m mostly talking about Clark and Lana. It’s not just me as a member of the audience who gets frustrated but the characters on the show… like get it together already! Pick a team! Are you together or not? Are you friends or not? Do you trust her or not?

I can’t deal.

Moving on to the good. The season started strong. The red Clark running away from his problems and living in Metropolis was interesting. You could really see that he was hurting. I felt sorry for him, it’s hard being Clark. (side note: why do the police continue shooting him when they see it doesn’t work? Save your bullets people!).

But then his father asked for help from Jor El (the dick AI version) and got powers so that he could stop Clark. The fight was epic but I couldn’t help thinking that that building should have collapsed. They crushed too many pillars! Were none of them important?

I feel like even though Lionel was the villain through out that the real antagonist of season 3 was Jor El the dick AI version. He was just so annoying and mean. I mean did Jor El not think about this when he made an AI version of himself? Taking out all his personality and emotion left Clark with a cold dick computer dad. I was so done with AI Jor El. DONE!

Back onto the good points I liked how the music always fit the time. I get that that’s a given but I don’t know it was nice. The nostalgia hit me and I was transported back to the early 00’s. I heard old school Black Eye Peas and I was so happy. That’s one cool thing about watching shows you watched as a kid or that were made during that time… nostalgia.

The stories were better in season 3. I enjoyed Slumber, that was awesome. I also felt like I was learning as I watched. As in Slumber it was about sleep and how telepathy apparently increases when asleep. I liked Sarah’s character as well. I wonder what happened after Sarah’s Uncle was exposed, did she move? I guess she did because you don’t see her again.

The episode Hereafter was also pretty cool what with the phone call from the future (at least I think it was Hereafter). It did make me think about what happens later on and the parallels between Lana and Jonathan. This parallel also came to mind when Clark was helping that kid who could see a persons death when he touched them. Saving one life caused the death of others or almost did… death is a complicated matter and is a subject that comes back to haunt Smallville.

I got so annoyed with the amount of times meteor ‘freaks’ would be like “You don’t know what it feels like to be different!” Yeah we do, we’re on season 3 and it doesn’t mean you can be a jerk. Poor Clark, next time he should pull out a newspaper whilst they rant.

I like how the vigilante question was brought up. Is it right? Should you take the law into your own hands? And I like that they actually called Clark out on it. He doesn’t seem to realise that that is what he does.

Lastly we got introduced to some key characters like Perry White and Lois Lane. The Perry White episode was cool and funny. But it was also annoying, being a journalist does not excuse jerk behaviour and I hate that that’s how he tries to justify it. He needed a wake up call and I’m glad he got it. We don’t see Lois but just the fact that her name was mentioned was good enough for me. Lois!

Those were my overall thoughts, for a more in-depth look into the characters and their journey through season 3 check out part 2 of the review.

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