Smallville Season 4: Introducing Lois Lane

I don’t know how I finished season 4 so fast. Like literally I blinked and it was over. I guess it was a good season. I think I’ll split this post into two parts again but we shall see…

Shall we dive right in? Yes, let’s.

So right off the bat we get Lois. She’s in Smallville looking for answers as her cousin Chloe is dead (!) and she left some cryptic message for Clark. So Lois sets about looking for Clark and she finds him. In a field. Having landed there from wherever he went to in the season 3 finale (whatever happened to fake Kara, is she still there?).

Now this may just be the Clois fan in me but was I the only one who felt the chemistry just sizzle off the screen and into my room? You know Lois was feeling him when she first saw him but those thoughts went away when she realised he was cray or Kal El. Which was a little humourous, having a robot Clark and having human interactions with him like at the hospital where Martha basically loses it with happiness. She is so glad to see him.

And then Lois realises that her cray dude is Clark and that’s the whole adventure of episode 1. I don’t know about you but that was a great start. I mean we got to see Clark as Kal El and we got to see him fly! We got to see Lois and we got to know her character and she is a bad ass. We also got to see how strong Martha is. She held it together even when her world was crumbling apart. She even went all biblical quoting Jeremiah 29: 11 explaining how she managed to keep it together (although the biblical reference may have been accidental).

Lana finally got her own cool story line and  a love interest who wasn’t Clark. Thank you! We got a break from the angst! Well for a while, it didn’t last long *sigh*

There were a lot of cool episodes this season. One of them was Devoted where they gave the players green koolaid so that they would be unconditionally ‘devoted’ to their cheerleader girlfriends. Whatever they just wanted a slave who admired them. I get it you want your boyfriend to appreciate you but really what did you expect with football players? They’re dedicated to their craft, their sport. Do you need to be their girlfriend? If they’re such crap boyfriends why not dump them and get a new boyfriend? Oh that’s right you wanted the status. *rolls eyes* I can’t. Plus they should really know now not to drink green stuff. Or at least ask questions before chugging it down.

It was sweet how the episode was ‘devoted’ to Christopher Reeve 🙂

Another cool episode was when they went to China. I found it a bit hard to believe that Clark could just go to China being a high school student and all but he does, just like that, because tickets are cheap. And they have this adventure and Isabelle pops up again. How great was Kristin Kreuk as Isabelle? The way she switched from Lana to Isabelle was like wow. She’s a great actress. Also we saw the beginnings of Lex’s douchery, I can’t believe he was going to play Jason like that.

Transference was a good episode in the sense that it reminded me of ‘It’s a boy girl thing’. You know they switched bodies and it had something to do with the meteor and aztec gods. I didn’t like it for the whole evil Clark thing though. How did people not realise it wasn’t Clark? They live in Smallville, no one thought to check? Was Lex the only one who got it without it having to be explained? My days

Another episode that made me frustrated was Spirit. It was about Prom and how this girl Dawn dies and she’s obsessed with Prom. Well she doesn’t die she just ends up in a coma because of this terrible accident. Now my girl finds out she can take over someone’s body with a touch and she goes around hopping from Martha to Lana to Lois to Chloe and eventually Clark all just so that she can go to Prom. Really girl? She hears all the crap people say about her and she doesn’t think to change? She sees that her body is alive but just scarred and she decides to kill herself? (Oh yeah she body hopped into a nurse as well). What is wrong with this chick? I was disappointed in her and I don’t know how people couldn’t tell when she was possessing someone. Especially Clark with Lois, like in what universe would Lois go to Prom and insist Clark took her? Really now?

A sad episode was the one with the baby that grew really fast. I mean during birth he killed his mother (accident) and then his father rejects him and he grows rapidly in a short space of time. Lana and Clark give him good memories and Clark was with him to the end (Lana should have guessed his secret from that scene, how did he survive the explosion? His excuse was lame) and I was glad for that. But in death he could have helped people with cancer research etc but Lex decides to keep the data for himself. Thanks Lex, thanks for crushing dreams and proving your worth. He has given in to the darkness it seems.

We saw the beginnings of team Lois and Clark! Yes, the two who would become great reporters and partners started their partnership in Smallville. Although it was by accident. It all starts when they’re looking for Chloe. They have such a different dynamic than the other pairings. Yeah they bicker a lot but it’s lighter, it’s fun and it honestly feels like an adventure. It’s also great how she doesn’t hero worship Clark but instead thinks she’s all that and he isn’t. I love that about Lois. She just gets things done and expects you to keep up. It must be nice for Clark, for once his every move isn’t questioned. Well sort of she does notice some things.

And she does find out his secret along with the sheriff but their memories get wiped as a favor to Clark so yay? Nah it’s good she didn’t find out then. It would have been too soon. She wasn’t ready.

Season 4 started off great and it ended great, with a second meteor shower. Way to go Isabelle killing Genevieve and bringing destruction on Smallville. That meteor shower was boss as well. It completely destroyed Clark’s house, I could not have been the only one screaming “No!!”

But at least they got to take Clark and Chloe’s graduation picture aaaaand the crystal was finally formed and they were transported to a snowy place. At first I was like phantom zone? But then I was like no, I don’t feel hopelessness and despair.. this must be where the fortress of solitude will be!!

But they didn’t show us so I guess we’ll find out in season 5.

Oh and we got to meet Krypto Clark’s dog! Okay so they change his name but is he not the cutest dog ever? Ah I love him.

Best save of the season? Truck save, when he saved Lois and Lucy (although Lucy was behind it all so he just saved Lois). It’s such an iconic scene. I always remembered it when I was younger. Watching it now I was like hit the brakes! When he got control of the truck.

Anyway I’m done and I am going to split this into two parts, so look forward to part 2!

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