Smallville Season 4: Let’s dive in

Welcome to part 2 where I rip into the characters.

I don’t really, I just analysis them and what they got up to in the season. I shall also be talking about foreshadowing and the awesome guest stars.


Character Assassinations 

(aka Character in-depth analysis)

Let’s start with Lois!

Hey girl, I’ve been waiting for you.

Not to sound creepy but I was, since season 1 and she is finally here!

She is by far my favourite version of Lois Lane to date. She is strong, she can fight because she’s a badass army brat, she doesn’t take crap from anybody, she’s a great judge of character and she’s an independent boss.

She can read people really well, something Clark stumbles upon when he notes how she was probably just frustrated with the fact that he was the first person she couldn’t figure out.

Oh hum, he hit that nail on the head. I feel like as the seasons progress she knows Clark but she never completely figures him out until like season 9.

I’m getting ahead of myself.

Back onto season 4.

I saw her check out Clark and not just when he was naked. She was also impressed by his strength. Did anyone notice the bit where he’s like “Last time I checked you don’t have the right parts to be in the boys changing rooms!” and she was like “So you have been checking me out” and the way she said it was so flirty! I never noticed that before. I love how she forgets she’s in the boys changing rooms as well.

Speaking of, why was she in the boys changing rooms? She’s a great reporter that’s why! Although she doesn’t know it yet. She’s just getting a taste for it. But her no-fs-given attitude and the fact that she never gives up make her a great investigative journalist. She is willing to go and hunt out that story.

It was great to watch her fall in love with writing and journalism.

I talked about how she can read people right? The way she reads Lionel in zero seconds was impressive, especially as how that was Lionel’s thing. I’m glad she’s one of the few people who he cannot manipulate.

She moves into the Kent farm. Watching that I realised something. Lois and Clark had chemistry but then she moves into the Kent farm and it kind of friend zoned them. Am I right? She’s like living with them, he’s seen her at her worst and her him, they don’t have time to romanticise each other. It’s kind of like that kid you grew up with who you don’t realise is hot until it’s been a couple of years, you’ve moved away and come back or someone points it out to you or they do something that has you like “Hold up what! You can be sexy? You can charming? I am so confused!”

Obviously Clark and Lois haven’t reached this stage. They’re still in the “OMD he’s/she’s so annoying (but hot)” stage.

Also Lucy, what a criminal mastermind. I completely forgot the contents of that episode. It’s funny how Lois is the functional and responsible sibling. We got to see a new side to her, her more vulnerable side and her caring responsible side.

Did you notice her mother’s picture in season 4? You should keep that picture in mind because in season 10… well continuity error.

Oh and you know that scene where they say they’re friends (Clark and Lois) and then Clark looks into his telescope and you see stars cross? (Or meteors cross). Was that foreshadowing?

Okay so Lex:

It starts with him in Egypt as ever looking for stuff to do with Krypton although he doesn’t know that yet. Or maybe he was just looking for artifacts and stumbled upon the Krytonite stone, one of the three.

I told you he wouldn’t die! Man is like  machine. Or a cockroach. No matter what you think will kill it won’t. He’s like a honey badger, those animals could drink poison and survive. His Dad was elated with the news, NOT!

And you know what he keeps his promise and he protects Chloe, for a good while as well. I mean they almost get her in the end but she has Clark and Lois. But props to Lex. It was the one good thing he did this season. Because after that his path to darkness started. At least that’s what I think.

Lionel is in prison but that doesn’t stop him from swapping bodies with Clark and then when they get re swapped his liver is healed…. why! Then he has a change of heart that is so short lived I wish they hadn’t done it. Stop wasting my time trying to convince me that Lionel is ‘good’. If he can be dissuaded so easily by an evil Lex then had he really changed?

Speaking of Evil Lex was that chilling or what! That was such good acting and a real insight into the two sides of Lex. Plus the iron mask moment reminded me of The Flash, you know with Hunter Zolomon and that dude in the mask.

It did make me think though, no one is completely evil and no one is completely good. Even with Lex, he is on the path of darkness but right now he’s not completely evil. He seemed sad to see the good side of his father go. Plus he does still help Clark out and they did try again with their friendship and he did get rid of his research on him (for a while). Like he tried. He put in a good effort but I guess the quest to find the stones and his research on meta humans was too compelling to keep him on the good side.

Oh speaking of his friendship with Clark, I’m not sure if he was a friend. He always seems to be investigating him even when he throws away the research. And in the episode Blank where Clark’s memory is wiped instead of being a good friend like Chloe he takes advantage of Clark’s naivety.

Bad Lex.

Moving onto Lana:

I feel like this was her season. Along with Clark she had the biggest story lines. The whole Isabelle plot was great!

It starts off with her fun in Paris with Jason. I may not be a Clana fan but I do like Lana and it was nice to see her happy. Those scenes in Paris, ah they warmed my heart. Until she gets linked to Isabelle and we find out that they didn’t meet by chance but because Jason’s mother planned it for the stones. And then she finds herself in the middle of this great plot and quest for stones and magic.

Yeah Isabelle is a witch. The way Kristin switches between the two characters is art! That cackle though! That confidence and just Isabelle. She is one of my favourite villains. But it seems like she cannot escape Clark. She goes to Paris she gets caught up in the quest for the stones of knowledge which are kryptonian. She comes back to Smallville and her relationship with Jason gets ruined because of his obsession with the stones and because he turns psycho and can’t let the Clark thing go although Clark tries to be nothing but gracious.

Is it just me or do most of her boyfs (excluding Clark) turn cray with evil? Oh wait Whitney was a good one.

Oh and she kills someone. Well Isabelle does and it causes the finale (mentioned in part 1). In the act of killing Genevieve (we weren’t really sad as she was trying to kill Lana just before, if you think about it Isabelle saved her) she cuts the connection between her and Lana but then that leaves Lana in this awkward situation and in debt to the Luthors, who wants that?

We’ll see how that turns out in season 5.

And now Clark:

He starts off with amnesia and being robo Clark or Kal El. That was fun to watch. And he flew! That was also fun to watch. It was like they were giving us a sneak peak into his future, I just hope he’s not that surly.

In essence we saw the two sides of Clark. It was interesting to see that the ‘human’ side was attached to Jonathan as when he came back so did Jonathan.

The two sides of Clark make another reappearance later on. Remember how I said Lois couldn’t figure him out? She was like one moment he’s meek and the next he’s over confident. I was like girl he’s both. Most of the time because he’s had to keep his secret it’s like he’s developed two personalities.

His high school self joined the football team, finally and he becomes a quarter back. We see the hierarchy of football through his experience. It makes sense why he had a hard time because he was new and he was already a quarter back but I don’t know, I’m not sure I like football sometimes. They let the fame and the adoration get to their heads and it makes some of them jerks. It’s nice to see Clark keeping it humble.

Clark is such a bad actor that it’s funny, especially in Devoted. How did the girl not catch on? I don’t know if he’s just bad at faking it or acting in general. It’s good to know he likes to keep it honest. That team work between Lois and Clark in Devoted though! Plus it’s cute how he hides behind Chloe and Lois when the jig is up like “save me from that woman, she’s too thirsty!”

He was so cute in prison when he was in Lionel. That adorable munchkin. I felt so sorry for him! But he gained skills. Yes he is learning how to fight without his super powers. This is important, one has to know how to fight. Especially with people taking his powers. Like Isabelle! We finally learn that magic is real and that it can affect Clark!

We meet Bart Allen! Impulse! Not Flash. Impulse. Get it right. Please! Finally someone he can be friends with, who isn’t a meteor ‘freak’ and who doesn’t die. Finally! And my wish was granted, someone was into Chloe and it was Bart. If he wasn’t younger than her and jail bait I’d ship them.

Alicia returns. It’s funny when he’s like “A girl would have to be crazy to date me” and along pops Alicia. She’s changed though and she’s the only one who figures out that the red kryptonite doesn’t MAKE him do stuff it just releases his inhibitions so he can do all he wants to do deep down inside. They could have had a relationship but the circumstances of the past held them and the rest of Smallville back. I was so sad that she died. That’s the closest Clark has come to killing someone I think. Good thing Lois was there to stop him.

In Blank it was cute how he fell in love with Lana all over again. Plus the heat vision arousal made a re appearance. It was just a cool episode because Clark was innocent and trusting and not burdened with the past. It was freeing. I’m glad they didn’t back track like they usually do with Clark and Lana. That deja vu moment was cute. Yes I’m a Clois fan but Clana has to happen… at least once! He learns a lot from that relationship.

Side note: Martha gave me so much jokes in Spell. Her reaction to finding the girls stuff in the barn, like “Clark have you been busy?” She’s so funny.

Side side note: the whole “Clark?” moment when he speeds away never gets old.

Last but not least (phew!) Chloe!

She finally finds out about Clark’s secret thanks to Alicia! I knew I liked Alicia. She gave Clark hope and she gave him someone to confide in. I love how Chloe decides to wait for him to tell her himself (he never does) and then Blank where she helps him cover up his abilities. She’s a better liar than Clark that’s for sure.

She was dropping hints the size of monster trucks though! I’m surprised Clark didn’t notice.

I’ve talked about the episode Devoted a lot and it was interesting how Chloe fell for Clark again or rather the feelings resurfaced. Her as a cheerleader was scary, not because she couldn’t do it but because that wasn’t Chloe. I’m glad she snaps out of it. Funny how she attacked Lois because she thought she had something with Clark. She saw the chemistry too.

I will forever love the fact that Bart digs her. He’s also a better liar than Clark (comes with being a boy scout I guess).

Away from Clark we also find out that her mother is in a mental institute and that it’s hereditary. That was sad. I never expected that plot twist. Chloe is so strong but sometimes I think it’s a mask and that really she has a very vulnerable side to her.

That was really long, wow I had a lot to say! We can now move onto the:

Awesome Guest Stars!

We have Jason played by Jensen Ackles. Okay so he wasn’t really a guest but more of a recurring. He did great. He started off sweet but then went down the cray path. Jensen played that off well. And his chemistry with Lana was great. I liked their relationship… before he turned cray.

Genevieve played by Jane Seymour. She was Jason’s mother and the reason for his descent into craydom. I don’t remember where I’ve seen her but her face is so familiar that when I saw her I was like “Oh you! Yes, we meet again”

We also had Peyton List as Lucy. You may recognise Peyton from The Flash. There have been a lot of Flash parallels this season.

Cobie Smulders as Lex’s cray ex lay. That was an interesting episode. Lex is such a player, he didn’t recognise her twice! I get why she was mad but why give up your engagement for a guy like Lex and because of one night…? Why? She was a master mind, she almost killed him witch style. He has bad luck with women.

Jonathan Bennett in Blank. He was also in Cheaper by the Dozen 2 and other stuff. I like him, he’s another familiar face.

We had Nolan Gerard Funk and Diego Klattenhoff in the episode Krypto. Their faces are so familiar but I can’t place them! It’s so annoying!

Jim Rash was in the episode where Clark and Lionel swapped. He’s another actor that I love. He’s great in everything. He was in Sky High and NCIS: LA (?) and so much more that I’ve watched.

We also had Chris Carmack. You might recognise him as Luke from The O.C..

New Rocks! 

Black da da daaah! It reunited the two sides of Clark or rather undid whatever Jor El the dick AI did. Also I think green kryptonite heated does the same thing… like it turns black and that’s what split Lex.


  • The S in the fire when Clark landed in episode 1
  • bird plane or superman moment
  • Lois and Clark, the amount of hinting they do with that. Like you never know you may fall for a farm boy and Lois is like “No a geek in glasses is more my type”. I’m referencing her convo with Martha.
  • The Flashes in the fake IDs that Bart was using, like Wally West. He had them all!
  • Oh and foreshadowing about Clark becoming a reporter.

Tallies for the season:

Explosions: only II

Cars being destroyed: V (one was caused by the baby).

That is all until season 5, さよおなら!

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