Hidden Gem: Autumn Leaves 고엽

I’m back to Bangtan 방탄소년단. They are one of those groups whose albums I love. I always try to resist. Like I won’t love this album, I won’t relate to it and get my mind blown. But then I hear one song and I hear the next and I am totally hooked.

I have not hated one album yet. Not one! I have loved all of them and I honestly relate to them as a band so much (them and b.a.p.) and I have mentioned how I’ve related to their theme of 화영연화 before.

Having said that this song comes from 화영연화 part 2, a bomb album. Both part 1 and part 2 rocked but they’re very different (and yet similar in flavour). In part 1 it was kind of exciting and it made me want to party, like 흥탄소년단 I loved that song and Dope! 쩔어!. Yeah part 1 was a party and a party of feels.

Part 2 however is so emotional. They both are (part 1 had Hold Me Tight 잡아줘) but when listening to part 2 I was like dang, they’re going in deep. I related to Ma City, there was the deep Whalien 52 and the hyped 뱁새 and House of Cards that made me feel things (the vocals oh the vocals).

But there was one song Autumn Leaves 고엽 who I had a kind of love hate relationship with. I didn’t hate it but I didn’t listen to it much. I mostly just loved the life out of 뱁새 and House of Cards (still do).

But then one day I didn’t skip, I just let it play and it was like the clouds parted. What a good song! It was composed by Suga and he always talks about this song and I can’t blame him. It’s really good! It incorporates all that I love about this album. The haunting beauty of the singing (like in Butterfly) the deep rapping and the way it’s a song you can jam to but also just lay there and listen to. In the park. Whilst the suns rays beam down on you.

Reading the lyrics also makes you think.

About relationships mostly. This is about how no matter how hard you (as an autumn leaf) try to hold on to your branch (the relationship) you will fall off. There is nothing you can do about. It’s inevitable that the relationship will end, that it will wither away.

It’s kind of sad actually. That the relationship has gotten to the stage where it cannot be saved. But again BTS manages to put it into a beautiful metaphor.

I noticed on YouTube some compared the lyrics of I Need U (Fall, everything, fall, everything) and the lyrics of Autumn Leaves 고엽 (Never never fall) and how they’re juxtaposed (yes! I finally get to use this word, English was not a waste of time!).

It’s interesting, in I Need U, he needs her even though the relationship is causing him pain whereas in Autumn Leaves 고엽 he’s sad to see her go but he accepts it and it’s happening instead of him being stuck in limbo like he is in I Need U. I say he as I’m looking at it through BTS’ perspective.

As usual it was deep bruh.

I love the song. J Hope’s rap and V’s singing gave me life. That part of the song, it doesn’t matter where I am I will have a moment of lip syncing or just straight singing like: 왜 난! 아직도 너를 포기 못해 난! 시들어진 추억을 붙잡고 … or in Hobie’s part 타올라 붉게 활활  and 낙엽은 눈물처럼 내리고
바람이 불고 다 멀어지네 all day (tuk tuk tuk tuk tuk!)

Yeah I put those lyrics there randomly so it doesn’t make sense but those are my favourite parts.

Anyway that is all, until my next musical hidden gem hasta luego!

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