Giftie reviews – Captain America: Civil War

I have finally watched Captain America: Civil War!

How was it? It was a journey. The Russo brothers and the actors did a good job. I really travelled with them as they explored all the themes of the movie. It wasn’t as simple as I thought it would be.

Spoilers Ahead

For one: It was not just about the fighting. Okay so I have been watching the interviews from the press tour. I’ve mostly been watching Sebastian Stan’s and Anthony Mackie’s interviews and also Chris Evans’. They all mentioned how the film is complex and is really character based. I believed them but I guess a part of me didn’t as I was still surprised by the depth when I watched the movie.

I stayed team Cap through out but team Iron Man did not seem so unreasonable. I didn’t agree with them but I saw why they wanted to have the accords. The Avengers do need policing. But one part of me was like why don’t they just resurrect Shield, bring them out from the shadows? Because they policed them pretty well. Or why don’t they create another organisation away from any country’s government so that it’s fair and untainted by politics? Because being policed by one particular government or even the U.N. … I don’t know, I don’t trust the politics man. I guess I’m like Cap in that respect.

However I feel I’m also like Black Widow as she had a good point. Why didn’t they just play along until they knew what exactly the accords involved? It didn’t need to end in a fight.

That brings me onto my next point. This all seems pretty mellow right? But then all hell breaks lose. I’m exaggerating but they weren’t in that fight mentality. It would have been peaceful if it was not for that sub plot!

That sub plot caught me by surprise I was not expecting it at all. I knew Bucky was going to be in it and somehow they were going to fight because of him but I never guessed why. To be honest I was always confused as to why Black Panther was mad in the trailers.

Now I know why and it makes so much sense.

Can I take a moment to talk about Black Panther? He was lit. It was like love! I swear he just made everything seem so smooth and regal. His suit was flawless, his fighting effortless. It was like he was a panther in human form so props to Chadwick Boseman. And I am so happy that he had an African accent! Africa got represented! They were even in Lagos! I was so happy.

Anyway that plot tied it all together. Without that unexpected antagonist the fighting, the need to save Bucky… it would not have made sense. That airport scene as cool as it was, was also down to a misunderstanding. I kind of wish they had listened to Cap about the real antagonist instead of jumping the gun.

It was cool though. Even though it wasn’t about the fighting the fights were good though still. I’ve talked about how smooth and sleek Black Panther was. Bucky also caught my eye because whenever he’s fighting he always looks so formidable and hot… I mean cool (do I?). He is strong and relentless, it’s amazing. It’s weird to think he was once the Bucky from Cap America 1.

They added Spider Man and Ant Man also. Those two characters added a much needed new ย dimension to the fight scene. Spider Man was just hilarious and brought light to a heavy film. So did Ant Man and he went big! You don’t understand how happy that made me! It was like seeing the comics come to life. It was awesome.

But then it was tragic because Warmachine. That highlighted for me that there were no clear sides. Falcon was just as cut up as Iron Man about it. He didn’t want that to happen. They didn’t really want to hurt each other. It was a shame but he made that choice to go into battle (as Warmachine himself says).

Then came the mother of all plot twists. The atmosphere in the cinema had been pretty calm and serious with a bit of humour. We were sitting there like “Ooh how are they going to resolve this?” “Yes Tony is coming round and giving them a chance!” “…oh wait what’s happening?”

Tony’s parents. That was so sad and the biggest plot twist. Literally I heard people gasp and go “Oh no” because we all knew ish was about to go down. And for once I could not be mad at Tony. He had every right to react the way he did. It takes a big person to forgive instantly, especially when that memory still haunts them.

It was set up so perfectly! With the scene at the beginning with Tony and his parents and the flash back to death robot Bucky.

I didn’t understand the need for that flashback until the mother of all plot twists. I felt like information was missing but I didn’t think anything of it until the end.

Wow. That was sad. And I applause the Russo brothers because it was amazing. It was good storytelling and we really delved into the characters and their relationships with each other. I loved that. And there wasn’t any senseless fight scenes. I like action but action for the sake of action can get boring and meaningless so I liked that it linked well.

Having watched it and knowing the mother of all plot twists I have to say I’m still team Cap but I don’t hate Tony, I get where he’s coming from. I’m also team Black Panther, don’t let vengeance rule you. Don’t let that weigh down your life because honestly vengeance begets vengeance begets hate. It’s a never ending cycle and it doesn’t help anyone.

That is all from me. I’m out.

Ps: Do you really Spider Man would still be team Iron Man if he had all the facts? I feel like Tony only gave him enough information to convince him to fight for him. He came into that fight ill informed. I personally think he wouldn’t have been solely team Iron Man because if someone told him he couldn’t save who he wanted to save, that kid would riot. I’m just saying.

PPs: I also feel sorry for Bucky. Imagine remembering that you killed a friend and his wife? Would that not cut you up inside?

PPPs: Peggy!

(Although she leads him to a new leading lady ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

Now I’m really out.

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