Challenge completed!

One of my goals for my gap year was to get fitter. I wanted to go to the gym, swim and become rock hard and toned. I also wanted to become more flexible and to re visit my martial arts so that I could do it again in the future.

Having that in mind I decided to do the 30 day squat challenge that my friend had told me about (she is on a fitness journey too).

At first I looked at the challenge and thought that she was crazy. I mean 50 squats? And by day 30 it’s 250 squats? I couldn’t do that!

But then one day I decided to try it to see how hard it was and I was shocked, doing 50 squats was not that hard! It was easy. I could even go to 100 if I wanted to.

So I decided to do the 30 day squat challenge. This was in November and I failed. I got to like day 25 and gave up because I had missed days and had had to catch up and it was taking longer than necessary.

So I gave up and put it on the back burner.

Cut to April where I decided to give it a go again.

Honestly the hardest thing about the challenge wasn’t the squats but battling my own laziness. I knew I had to do them but I just lacked motivation. You know in One Punch Man where he tells them how he became so strong and literally all he did was exercise every single day without rest? And everyone was like “That’s it? That’s hardly impressive.” Well I beg to differ. Doing exercise everyday for a year and more is no easy thing. It was hard enough doing it for one month and I was allowed breaks!

Another hard thing was that in the first couple of days my thighs would burn and would be sore until they got used to the fact that squats were a part of our lives now.

What about the benefits?

I actually felt results. I would be sitting down or laying in bed and would touch my thigh and be like “Hold up! Since when have my thighs been toned? Am I getting thighs of steel?”

Seriously I could drop it like it’s hot! I could do anything with my thighs and it felt great! I love feeling fit and like I can actually do things.

I would recommend doing this challenge, especially if you’re lazy. It forces you to exercise and to put your lazy side to bed and it does produce results.

After this challenge I am going to make squats a part of my routine. I don’t want to lose my thighs of steel.

I will say this though don’t just focus on your thighs, other parts of your body need love too.

Anyway that is all. Happy squatting.

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Oh and May the Fourth be with you 😀


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