Old School Review: 3 Ninjas Trilogy

So I’ve only watched three of the 3 ninja’s movies. I’ve watched the first, the second or what I consider the second ‘3 Ninjas Knuckle up’ and what I consider the third ‘3 Ninjas Kickback’. Now I have not watched the fourth 3 Ninjas High Moon Mountain blah blah because A Colt is not there and B it just doesn’t appeal to me. It doesn’t have what I loved about the first three… like where is their Grandpa? Who’s this new guy? Why are the kids totally different? Did they think we wouldn’t notice?

Anyway let me talk about the movies that I did like.

3 Ninjas, I don’t remember much of this one but it’s the original the one that started it all. I forgot that their dad was an FBI agent. He was such a stick in the mud, I thought he’d be happy his kids could defend themselves.

Then there’s Knuckle Up my absolute favourite! I don’t know how many times I’ve watched that movie. This and the Karate Kid probably started my love for martial arts. It was also the beginning of my crush on Colt (I watched this one first before the other two). It was so cool how kids were able to fight for justice against full grown ups and they drive! Badly but I always found that scene funny.

I liked how they wanted to help their friend and that they did it even when their granddad said no. There are many great scenes in that movie. I will forever love it and may just make my kids watch it too.

Then there’s Kick Back. I was low key mad because they replaced Rocky and Tom Tom with new actors. I really didn’t like it. The new Tom Tom and Rocky just didn’t cut it for me. But I still watched it because the story seemed good and it was. It was an adventure, we got to see them interact with other ninjas. Yes you do get other ninjas in the first movie but in this one they’re good and not the bad guys… at least not all of them. My favourite bit was when the girl beat either Colt or Rocky in the tournament. It brang me so much joy.

There was also the adventure element to this film and we got more of their grandfather and his saga. It was cute how they went to his rescue.

Although they do that through out all 3 movies, they’re always going to save someone and I love it. It shows they have heart and are not just in it for the glory and for the sake of being cool ninjas.

A childhood favourite that I highly recommend. It’s funny, it’s action packed and it’s child friendly so you can watch it with whoever.

That is all, adios!


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