Inspirational Gem: No More Pain

This song speaks to me.

You know Def Conn from Weekly Idol show with Coni? I love them on that show, they really do give me jokes and I knew that Def Conn was a musician, like a rapper, especially after they did that Big Byung thing but I had not listened to his music.

However he’s released a new song and he came on music bank so I saw it and I was touched. Because music bank translates their episodes (thanks KBS) I can know what the songs mean as well as listening to the melody.

The meaning behind this song just speaks to me.

He’s saying that when he started out it was by no way easy. He really did start from the bottom and work his way up. He compares how he did not have that flashy life style then and yet now he can afford to have the luxurys in life.

Now this song could have been all about him but he turns it around like “Hey youth! It’s a hard time the 20s, you’re starting out and things ain’t easy but if you hustle you will get to where you want to be in life”.

I feel like I needed that message. Being in my 2os and having finished Uni has left me feeling like “What do I do now? What’s next? How do I get to where I want to be?” But this song reminded me that this is only the beginning. If I keep on going on I will make it and I will succeed.

We need to tell ourselves that we can more instead of we can’t. The way we think and the way we speak really does make a difference.

So from now on, I can and I will!

Thank you Def Conn for the inspiration 🙂

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