TMNT2: The Review

It was my birthday recently and to celebrate I decided to go to watch Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 (TMNT2).

Now Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1 had been good, it had introduced them well and you got to know their characters so in this second one we were able to hit the ground running and jump straight into the story.


That’s one thing I love about sequels you can just get stuck in.

Oh wait before I talk about the movie, weren’t the starting credits just great? They used ninja stars! Am I the only one who thought that was cool? They also collaborated with a lot more Asian companies this time around. I don’t know, I always pay attention to the opening credits, they tell you a lot about the movie.

So Brain Tee. I cannot express how happy I am with this casting choice. I’m not throwing shade to Tohoru Masamune who played Shredder in the first movie because he was good. You just didn’t get to know him, he was always surrounded in shadow. In this one you see Brian Tee, his presence is menacing and it makes you pay attention to whatever he’s going to say. I’m surprised those chains held him for so long I was half expecting him to burst out of them and break himself out.

I love Brian Tee. In any movie that he pops up in I’m like yes! Sure he’s the bad guy but whatever he’s the best!

Beebop and Rocksteady were introduced in this movie. That was interesting. They must be the most lightweight criminals ever. No shade but they’re so silly you kind of end up liking them. Except from the fact that they are thugs. And they handled their transformation surprisingly well. Other people would be like “No! I’m a Rhino! My life will never be the same again!” or “No, I’m a pig! How rude!” (cue Pumba in the distance “They call me Mr. Pig AAAH!”).

It was weird but said something about their character. They accept things and move on and are optimistic criminals. I found myself learning from them from that one scene alone.

They gave me jokes.

Casey Jones was another new character. He was new to the movie but not new to the franchise. He was another who provided comic relief although I felt for him. He was trying hard to be taken seriously but that police snob was like “Naw not gonna happen”. If I was Casey I would have had a #smugface moment when she was proven wrong.

Taylor Perry is in this film and he is so funny! He should have seen Shredder’s double cross coming poor guy but then again not because he was a “bad” guy. Scientists and their research and quest for fame. We’re lucky Sheldon hasn’t taken the dark path.

In the first one the theme was whether they should help or not. To save or not to save that was the question. It’s hard stepping out of your comfort zone and challenging someone and sticking up for someone. In this one the theme was acceptance. The boys were struggling with their life underground. They wanted to be accepted by ordinary humans, they wanted to fit in.

It’s kind of the opposite of Beebop and Rocksteady, those guys did not care that they had mutated because they’re not self-conscious in any way about their looks. But for the turtles they want to be accepted and they want to fit in. They’re having trouble accepting who they are.

You get to explore that in this movie as well as the main theme of Krang’s attempt at dominating the world.

I’m glad they chose the path that they chose. I can’t imagine the TMNTs any other way.

This film also reaffirmed my love for Donny. I’m sorry I love that guy. If I was a female TMNT well…

By the way is Mikey everyone’s favourite?

They treated teleportation and breaching of the space time continuum lightly. It was like “Yeah teleportation… I did that”. You’d think they’d be more freaked by what happened in the end.

Also the police lady backtracked real quick by the end of the movie. She went from calling them freaks to saying they would have a normal life if they came out to the world. Why you lying? You know humans are judgey! They’d be like why are you green? OMD are you a turtle? Why do you only help New Yorkers? (Because there are only 4 of us and we can only help so many people… you don’t ask Daredevil these questions!)

Anyway that is all, bye!

Ps: Yeah I’m not going to talk about Krang… I’ll let you watch that.

PPs: Also I won’t be posting for a long while. I’m going to be starting a job on a summer camp (lasts the whole summer) and there may not be Wi-Fi. I know I have a lot of projects going on my blog… well just the Smallville one. I’ll back to it when I’m back home.

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