Old School Review: 16 Candles

That’s why they call them crushes, if they didn’t hurt they’d be called something else.

Now that’s wisdom! If someone had told me this years ago it would have saved me a lot of pain and heartache.

This movie had a lot of gems like that. I liked her dad, her sister and brother not so much. I don’t know why no one tells that kid off, like seriously, he’s rude as fudge, discipline him!

It was kinda sad how they all forgot her birthday, especially as it was her sixteenth birthday.

But they apologise and they did have a wedding to organise. It happens. Even I, someone who never forgets people’s birthdays, forgot every single one this year because of stress. Thank goodness for Facebook. But this was the 80’s so they had no such luck.

You know what though, she was lucky. She doesn’t actually experience the pain of having a crush. I mean she likes him and he likes her, he notices her and he seeks her out. He leaves his girlfriend for her because he wants something more meaningful. Raise your hand if this has ever happened to you.

Yeah it’s rare.

And if it did happen to you marry him! Marry him right now!

So the movie was sweet. No one ends up broken hearted.

Also no one told me the movie was so graphic about everything. There was fully a topless shot in the movie and I was like “erm excuse me? That came out of nowhere” The 80’s when people were so free and so were the teen movies.

It’s also fun seeing famous actors having the supporting roles in these old movies knowing how famous they become later on (John Cusack and Joan Cusack … are they siblings?). It’s like when I saw Sarah Jessica Parker in Footloose.

I also love the facial reactions they had going on and the fourth wall breaking.

It was a good feel good movie, great for sleepovers.

Anyway that is all, ciao!

Ps: how horny were the freshman. Paying to see a pair of underwear you can see in a store? Really bruh?

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