Old School Review: Love and Basketball

Onwards with my black movie marathon my next victim was Love and Basketball. Now I was expecting a lot from this movie because amongst my friends it is the most referenced black people movie ever! Especially when it comes to romance.

As a movie overall it was okay. It was pleasant to watch, I didn’t hate it but I didn’t love it. I feel like I would have loved this movie if it was not for one thing.

The freaking characters!

Okay I’m being over dramatic but whaaaaat?

I admired Monica. She was driven, she was no mans bitch, she knew how she should be treated and she wasn’t going to settle for less. She went after her dreams with a single minded focus and she didn’t really lose faith in her abilities even when she faced hardships.

I didn’t mind their relationship tbh it reminded me of what I would be like in a relationship … to an extent … it seems when I like someone I’m meaner and when I don’t care about a guy I’m nice as an angel. So that part I got and was not mad at.

What made me mad was when Quincy was like “Make time for me because of my family crisis” and she was like “I can’t I have a curfew because we have a game tomorrow but I’m willing to stay up and talk to you on the phone” #loophole but my man gets mad and caught up in his feelings saying that she is not there for him when she was willing to lose sleep over him before a game… WTH this guy. She was there for you but you didn’t notice. But fair enough he was going through tough ish.

So they part ways and she doesn’t really date and she loses her passion for basketball because of him.

So she basically waited for him whilst he moved on with his life and did not care one bit…? Okay then.

I’m sorry, but why do we, women, wait around for a guy who would not wait for us? Maybe somewhere in his heart he was waiting because in the end he chose her and they lived happily ever after but dude are you telling me he was going to marry that woman with those feelings in his heart?


I don’t understand it, honestly. If you have hidden feelings for someone else sort them out before you marry someone else or we’ll have a Brown Sugar situation (another black movie that I liked better). It’s not fair to him and it’s not fair to his second choice.

So yeah the film left me like meh. It was okay but I didn’t love it.


Ps: on a good note the character development was cool and how they developed their relationships with their parents. I liked watching that as that was interesting. His father made mistakes but he had Q’s best interests at heart. And Monica’s mom had her problems but she was always there for Monica in her own way. They just had to meet each other half way.

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