Old School Review: Kung Fu Hustle

From:  http://www.kino.de/film/kung-fu-hustle-2004/

This is a strange film and I love it!

I mean what are the odds that one town would give the Axe gang so much trouble? I bet he wished he’d never stepped foot in that town and what was with Brother Sum anyway? He was interesting that’s for sure. That bit where he was dancing with the Axe and as his gang grew they danced with him too.

Do you think he forced them to dance with him? It was either dance or death?

OMD what if that was their initiation?

I’m being silly, I’ll stop.

I was kind of mad that the kung fu masters died so early on, I thought they were going to be the heroes of the story but at the same time I’m glad because the film constantly surprised me. Things happened that I did not expect to happen and that was fun as it wasn’t predictable.

Although I feel like I knew from the beginning that the Landlady was a badass. She was just too cool. She was tough and she didn’t take crap from anyone, you expect me to not think that she’s a boss?

And I think we all knew Sing was going to do something in the end, although they had me worried there for a second. Like when he broke the lollipop but he got bite by that snake and had that weird scene in the cooler and I was like hmmm… it’s not over.

That fight scene at the end was so cool and yet so silly that I loved it. It took itself seriously without taking itself seriously and he managed to humble the beast without beating him to a pulp. (side bar: the beast was the only character that annoyed me).

I guess that’s something to note about the film. It had life lessons everywhere, like you have to stand for something, what’s the point of having a skill if you’re not going to use it? It’s a waste. Also it’s better to stand up for the little guys than to be a thug. Also don’t cheat, fight honestly… humble yourself.

If someone starts randomly playing music at night looking creepy, run… just run!

But the best lesson would be to never give up hope. No matter how lost you get in life you can find your way back to yourself and to what is right.

This film is so unique I don’t think they can make another like it and I wouldn’t want them to.

I enjoyed it and if this is your cup of tea I think you will too.


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