Black Love


I don’t know if it’s because of afropunk or ilovebeingblack Facebook page or the beautiful Mike Colter (aka Luke Cage) or Michael Ealy … umm… I don’t what it is but I have a new found love for black love.

I’ve always loved black love don’t get me wrong. I’m a product of black love (heeey) and so are my cousins, almost everyone in my family to be honest.

I guess it’s one of those things that’s always there so you take it for granted.

Plus I live in a multicultural environment. So I kind of wanted to step outside of my world and see what other worlds had to offer. I wanted to learn about different cultures and people. I just loved getting to know people who were different from me.

In that time I left my own world behind for a while.

In terms of what I like, I don’t have a set type in terms of looks. I don’t see the point in that. If I think he’s hot, he’s hot. And I like guys from any race and in each race my type is different so I can’t sit here and say I have one type.

But like I said I left my own world for a while and didn’t pay attention to my fellow chocolate men. That was until I watched Jessica Jones and I was like “Hello!”. Looking back it was kind of funny that I did that because it was serious toned show and there was me sitting there checking out Luke Cage and not paying attention to much else.

I honestly couldn’t help it.

And in my life recently I’ve just been meeting a lot of cool dudes. Can I just say black guys can be the best. We get each other because we have similar experiences, especially black African guys because then we’re both black and we’re both African, we can joke and talk and it’s smooth. And they be smooth in looks too, with that gorgeous smile, full lips and deep eyes. Oh girl I love it.

It’s seems I’m not the only person who loves it, I’ve been seeing more black love everywhere and it’s beautiful. It’s re opened my eyes to the love that black people can have for each other.

I really like it and it’s nice to see and experience.

That’s all lol

I just felt like sharing.


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