I bet taxis hate rom coms

This was a random thought I had but I was watching a scene from the movie Something Borrowed and they start making out in the back of the taxis. And I sat there like how many times does this happen? How many times do people jump each other in the back of a cab? What do they spray there? Is it just pure pheromones?

It makes no sense and I wonder do taxis drivers just hate it? Will taxis drivers just start putting signs in their taxis?

I know the back of my cab is super sexy but please keep it PG… in fact no keep it U

How did Rom Com directors even get the idea from? Was one director a taxis driver and then he became a director or a writer or a producer for a Rom Com movie and was like “Guys, you have no idea how many times people got it on in the back of my cab!” “You used to be a taxis driver John?” “Yes, yes I did Janet!”

And I was watching How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days and he stops the taxis to make this great love declaration to her. How annoying for that driver. He was already annoyed by the traffic (which is awful in New York by the way) and then he has to pull over for some guy on a bicycle. Not to mention he has to unload her stuff. What if she wanted him to take her back to the city? My days.

Or how about those poor guys that have to chase someone or rush to the airport in heavy traffic? The pressure!

Lol sorry just thoughts I had watching Rom Coms.


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