Lessons from TV: Dealing with Rejection

So I was watching That 70’s Show and Jackie wanted to get back together with Hyde, this is season 7, and she’s scared because she doesn’t know if he feels the same way and if he rejects her it will hurt a lot.

Fez then turned around and is basically like “Buck up!” He’s like “How many times have I been rejected? After the 100th time it don’t hurt no more” (that is not a direct quote… I’m paraphrasing).

I kind of paused and was like “Is that true? Does it hurt less the more it happens?”

I don’t know about you but rejection hurts, it doesn’t just hurt your feelings but also your pride. And sometimes if you really liked that person you can be left sitting there like “If this person won’t love/like me then who will?” It’s disheartening.

No one likes to be rejected.

The same can be said about jobs and that does hurt as well. Especially when you just want work. With work rejection maybe Fez is right, after the 50th time someone says “Sorry but we won’t hire you” you’re like “Meh onto the next application”.

But having said that these days I’ve noticed that my ambition has taken a hit. I did not notice it until everything else started to fail and I was like wow where has my drive gone?

So perhaps no matter how much you get rejected you still get hit emotionally somehow, whether it be work related or love related. I think the only thing we get good at is masking that pain. We learn how to deal with it.

So is that the key to rejection? Learning how to deal with it? Learning how to pick yourself up off the floor, brush yourself off and start again?

Sometimes it can be hard to do that on your own. You may have reached the end of your rope which is why it’s always good to have one friend who has your back. That one friend who will see you hurting and will help you up.

God has also been a source of strength when I am down. When I find myself in a position where I can’t get up again God is there to lend me hand and to lend me his strength so I can get up and carry on.

That is all,


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