Luke Cage: Police Corruption


Okay so Episode 5 starts off with Cottonmouth making a bone head decision. Why wouldn’t he listen to the only guy in his crew who had brains? If they left Cage alone then they wouldn’t have a problem but no Cottonmouth just kept digging his grave. Whatever. But it was wrong for him to just shot him like that. I can’t.

The worst thing you can do is underestimate your enemy. Cottonmouth still seems to be doing that even after Luke survived a rocket launch attack… okay?

I know Luke was getting busy and helping people out this episode but can I just say, it was nice to see him in a suit.

We should pay attention to the swear jar and how long it will stay with us. It survived the shop getting shot up, it survived a building collapsing… what next? In a weird way it reminds us of Pops and his legacy. That and the barbershop.

Artist of the Episode: Jidenna heeey! He’s a great performer.

Episode 6:

I like the radio show that starts off the episode. Luke Cage is good at giving that community feel. We really get to know Harlem and to be in Harlem. The rest of New York exists but we don’t know about it as all we know is Harlem and it makes you feel like you’re from there too.

I was singing Mariah’s praises a post ago. Okay I wasn’t singing her praises but I said she was smarter than Cottonmouth and she seemed more legit. However this episode highlighted how she’s more lethal than him because she has a brain. She can take Luke out and not just that she would rule with an iron fist (he he Iron Fist.. get it?). Who is better Mariah or Cottonmouth?

Also why do they keep putting dirty cops with Misty? It is scary how many cops on the show are dirty. I was really disappointed in Scarfe. He killed Chico, he was just a dirty cop and I didn’t respect him. But Misty never lost faith in him, that said a lot for what he did for her. And there’s more to him than meets the eye. Perhaps what happened with his son changed him, perhaps he lost faith in himself as a human. In fact his house just seemed lonely and empty. And what Misty said was highlighting, he tells a lot of jokes but he rarely smiles.

It’s good that he died doing the right thing, taking Cottonmouth and all the dirty cops down with him.

Let’s end on a light note. Luke thinks he’s so smooth but Claire was onto him. She knows what’s up with the whole “let’s have coffee” invitation. This guy.

Quote of the episode:

“But what is scary to some inspires hope in others”

Ps: I don’t think I talked about this in the other post but I love all the comic book stuff they added into episode 4 (was it 4?). With the whole ‘Sweet Christmas’ thing and his original outfit. That was the best Easter egg.

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