Old School Review: Peter Pan

I’m back with my old school review!

I swear this is an excuse for me to be nostalgic or to just watch some great old films.

Today I shall be talking about Peter Pan, the live action 2003 version. Now before I get into it did anyone else have a crush on Peter Pan aka Jeremy Sumpter? Did anyone else look him up when they got older to see if he was still hot?

I did and he is still hot. He’s also in my age range so hello 😉

Anyway back to film, I loved this film as a kid! And no it’s not one of those you love as a kid but hate as an adult, I still love this film.

It told the story of Peter Pan very well, it stuck as close to the book as possible and it was beautiful.

The visual effects and how they made Tinker Bell, having Ludivine Sagnier miniturised, was awesome. She was so great in her acting even though she never properly speaks in the story. Her facial acting was on point.

The scene where Peter and Wendy dance, the mermaids, when they fly to Neverland and when they go back on the ship… it was all so beautiful visually so my hat goes off to the cinematographer (I’m not wearing a hat but it would go off if I was!).

Jason Isaacs did a great job as Hook (and the dad! Did anyone else notice?). He was so menacing and to a kid! Although Peter Pan has been living for a long time (Once Upon a Time plot coming to mind) but still he was a kid, chill dude. (But he did cut off your hand).

The story line got to me more than when I was watching the other versions of Peter Pan. I really didn’t want Wendy to leave him, in fact I used to sit there like “I’ll stay with him!”. They had such great chemistry and it was weird it’s like they did become the mom and dad to the lost boys.

Peter Pan was one of those movies that really took me on an emotional journey. I never expected myself to get so caught up but I did.

It’s a good movie for the family, it’s fun enough for the kids and it’s dynamic enough for the adults.

Four out of five from me.

That is all,


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