He does answer


I don’t know why I’m starting like this but hey it is written so I shall just go with it.

So I have written about God a lot lately and the encouraging verses in the bible about prayer and how He will answer.

I mostly wrote that to encourage others and to encourage myself as I was feeling a bit hopeless in that department.

So two months down the line since I started taking prayer seriously… well I’ve always taken prayer seriously but I think I forgot about God for a while and it’s taken me a while to get back to Him but now that I’m back… I can say that He has answered my prayers.

I’ve learnt to be patient about it. When I’m impatient I fail to see how He’s there for me or how He helps me but He does. His answer isn’t always a yes but at the end of the day He still answers, He doesn’t leave me hanging.

He doesn’t just answer prayers I have for myself but prayers I have for others and that’s a blessing for me and for them.

I’ve also noticed that when I put Him before everything things work out. They may not work out how I thought they would but they work out just the same. It’s true that when you put God before everything He takes care of you. I can now say that from personal experience.

All in all, don’t lose hope keep praying and remember the prayers answered, because He does answer. Patience is key, He has His timing and the timing He has is better anyway and you always realise that with hind sight, at least I do. And put God before everything you do in life and He will look after you.

Trust, have faith and never lose hope.

That is all,

Blessings šŸ™‚

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