Old School Review: Maid in Manhattan

This is another movie I’ve always wanted to see. Having done house keeping once myself this movie was very interesting for me. I did it at a smaller and less famous hotel but the struggle is the same.

Okay so this film made me think about A Cinderella Story, you know, the one with Hilary Duff? He sees her but doesn’t notice her. And then when she’s looking all fly that’s when he notices her. I get it, as a maid you blend in, you’re supposed to but come on! Caroline recognised her but Mr man didn’t recognise her at all. And okay they didn’t have long interactions but I found that telling.

Also he’s a Republican… I’m not judging but that elevator scene with Ty was funny.

OMD Ty! Young Tyler Posey! He was so cute! He was a good actor even then and it’s so cool to see him young and adorable. It’s funny because most people saw him grow up whereas I did the reverse. It’s weird coming from Teen Wolf to this.

Okay so I liked Jennifer Lopez’ character. She wasn’t afraid of being honest, even with him. She wasn’t afraid to say her opinion even if he disagreed with it or got offended. I liked that. I liked how she tried to tell him who she really was. She never intended to trick him and when it all goes to hell at the end when people find out I was mad for her. It wasn’t her fault. She wasn’t totally innocent but she never wanted any of the drama and the spotlight, everyone else did.

However it did her good, she finally got the confidence to believe in herself and to get more out of her life.

That’s probably my favourite part of the film. Her journey as a character. The love story was cool and all but I wasn’t feeling it. I also got really frustrated at the dance scene because he wouldn’t let her talk, like my days she’s trying to tell you the truth!

However one thing the romance side of the movie shows is that if a man wants you he will try everything to get you. You didn’t give him your number? No problem. You didn’t tell him your name? No problem. He sees you on the street walking with your kid? He will holla. He finds out you have a kid called Ty? He don’t care.

So yeah if he’s into you, he will make it happen.

Favourite Quote:

“Tonight the maid is a lie and this… this! Is who you really are”


3 out of 5

That is all,





Ps: I love how the maids spontaneously dance! They had such a happy energy it was great.

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