Old School Review: The Young Victoria

I finally watched The Young Victoria! It’s been years! Years!

I have wanted to watch this movie for the longest time and I finally did yay!

First and foremost SPOILERS ALERT!

There were quite a lot of themes running through the movie adaptation of Queen Victoria’s early life. There was the theme of independence, feminism, team work and love.

I found it interesting that feminism was present even then. I know women have craved equality and all that for a long time but I never really thought about it. Normally when I think of the past I think of the all struggles that they had and all the things that they could not do but that we can. I never thought of Queen Victoria. If I ever thought about a feminist Queen I thought about Queen Elizabeth I. She was a boss.

It turns out Queen Victoria was a boss too. But she listened to the wrong person. A politician! Come on Victoria! Why didn’t she listen to her aunt? I’ll tell you why, her need for independence. As a child of an overprotective parent I understand that need for freedom. As someone who is friends with other females who are also daughters of over protective parents I understand how that need can drive you crazy. It’s like you thirst for that freedom and if anything seems like it’s taking it away you’re like NO.

Unfortunately this need comes back to bite Victoria. Her mother did her wrong but she needs to trust the people who have her back and not the people who are using her. My girl, listen to your Aunt, she’s wise.

It’s kinda deep how she likens her life to a prison. Even when she’s Queen she’s free but in a new sort of prison.

Speaking of prisons there’s an interesting question that was raised. Is marriage just another form of imprisonment? Victoria is a strong, independent woman. She’s Queen. She doesn’t want to be put to the side like she always has been. She doesn’t want to be controlled. But that’s what she feels will happen when/if she gets married.

Is that true? Is that marriage?

I feel that can happen but then it’s a bad marriage. I like what Albert said about ruling together. It should be a partnership, an equal loving relationship where each person has a role.

Speaking of Albert, I loved that guy. He was smart, loving and he was sharp. He didn’t take crap from anyone and that was cool. Victoria did get bratty with him but even then he was like “I’m going to bed, get your life”.

The silence of the scene where he got shot. Wow, that scene was powerful and I really felt the shock and horror of the tragedy. She really did love him and he loved her. That was a beautiful part of the movie, not him getting shot but the scene after where she makes it clear that she needs him.

Historical notes: It’s funny how Parliament hasn’t really changed. That’s all I’m going to say. And it’s cool how they move in to Buckingham Palace. Move in! Sorry that was cool. It’s so established in our minds now as the royal place to be but back then it was new!

Anyway I enjoyed it and if you love romance, political drama, period dramas and history then you’ll love it too. Four out of Five!

Quote of the movie:

“I should find someone to play it with you not for you” Albert


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