Work Chronicles

This will be short but my part time job was cool last week. We had an event and I love football and a football coach was there and he told stories and I heard snippets as I waitressed.

Dude. It was so cool!

To see what it’s like to be a football coach, to hear what’s changing what’s good and what’s not so good about this generation of players. It was eye opening. He said some things I never thought about.

Also life is different behind the curtain. To be a player and to be a coach, so different. I knew this already but hearing and knowing are two different things.

I felt like this is the kind of thing I’d be covering if I was an actual sports journalist.

One day my dream shall be realised, but until then I shall chalk it up to a cool day at work.

That is all,

Ta ra!

Ps: The guests were all male and Caucasian… all with some POC here and there and some women here and there. It’s a man’s world alright.

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