Old School Review: Hot Pursuit

My last old school review was negative, this one is positive.

Hot Pursuit is not as old as most of the films I talk about but it has been a while since it was released so it qualifies.

I liked it! It was funny and the characters were very distinct and lovable.

Rose was so stiff. She was such a stickler for rules and regulations but I loved her. She made me laugh even though most of the time that wasn’t her intention. She was also just so genuine and a good example of a cop wanting to do right, I liked that. I just wanted her to relax a little, soften those muscles. So meeting Daniella was a blessing.

Daniella was fun and crazy and also genuine but in a different way. She saw people for who they were and called them out on it. However she kept herself hidden pretty well.

I like movies where you think it’s going one way but then it does a total 180 and you’re left sitting there like whaaaat!

I did not see that coming with Daniella and the way she flipped the switch, it was amazing! That was good acting. Also the level of police corruption in this film… hmmm well. At least we have good ones like Rose fighting the good fight.

As a comedy it was funny, it didn’t kill me but it did make me laugh. The plot was good and flowed well and the acting was good. Oh and the random guy they picked up Randy (he’s British! He was on Eastenders! He’s made it!), I liked their relationship. I was sitting there rooting for her the way Daniella was.

All in all a good film.

I give it a three out of five.

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