Equal In Love

This is my personal point of view. I feel that men and women should be equal in love. I mean this in two ways.

First way:

I’m not about games. There have been times in my life where I have played the coy flirtatious game (back in Primary School) and it got me nowhere and I vowed never to play those games again. I used to hide my personality because I thought guys would like me better that way (Secondary School) but then I realised I’m amazing and if he doesn’t like me for me then screw him. Then recently I wasn’t honest. I wasn’t honest about my feelings and other things. That too I do not advise. So as of now I have eliminated all game playing out of my life. If I like a guy he will know, I will be upfront, I am not going to change myself and I am not going to chase you so you like me. No sir no ma’am I am not about that life.

What does that have to do with being equal? Well I wish guys were like this too. That I would find someone and like them and they’d like me back the same amount and they also wouldn’t hide it. An upfront guy, who answers your questions instead of talking circles around you. To be equal in our love for each other would be great.

There’s nothing worse than liking someone more than they like you. Chasing them more than they chase you. Putting yourself out there when they put none of themselves out there. I have done this more than once and I do not advise it. If he can’t meet you half way, then buh bye.

The second way in which I wish to be equal in love is in marriage. If you’ve read my Ephesians post then you know where I’m going with this.

If I ever get married I would like my husband to respect me and to treat me right. A man should love his wife as Christ loved the church and Christ died for the church (Ephesians 5: 25)… that’s a lot of love.

A man who isn’t afraid to wash dishes or cook. A man who comforts you and looks after you and listens to you. A man who is there for me spiritually, emotionally, physically and sexually.

Now I don’t expect my hypothetical man to do all that and for me to do nothing in return. No sir. I’m talking about being equal in love so I would do the same for him. I would support him and love him and be there for him spiritually, physically, emotionally and sexually.

So that’s what I hope for, whether I’ll actually get married is another story.

Ciao for now 😉

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