Hate begets Hate, Love begets Love

There is so much hate in this world sometimes and it’s annoying.

Have any of you watched revenge? Or read my book (A Classic Case of Deja Vu) *shameless plug*? Revenge leads nowhere. Revenge doesn’t make you feel better it just ruins your life. And you know what Jesus was right! Paul was right!

When you’re kind to someone who hates you, when you don’t let their ish get to you and you move on with your life… oh it hurts them. It is like heaping coals of fire on their heads (Proverbs 25: 22, Romans 12: 20). They will sit there like “Whaaat, no reaction… you’re just going to be kind?”. Kindness is the most powerful weapon.

And yes some people remain unmoved by kindness. At least that’s what you think. You don’t know their life or where it’s going, one day it’s going to hit them and they will see the light.

So nowadays when I’m mad and hurt by people I find myself letting go and letting be. I may do a post on my church grandma’s lessons one day but for now I’ll just say I’m glad she taught me how to let go and move on. It doesn’t just help them but you also.

Besides this world is so full of bad right now I’d rather inject it with good. I’d rather inject it with love.

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